Friday, 3 September 2010

Winter 1980-1981, I'll Cover You


Roux 2

(Mini Update - Daiki, Ryuu) 


Primary School Updates 

Dupont 2 (New year's eve 1)

Moreau Campus (New year's eve 2)

Durand (New year's eve 3)

(Mini Update - Comfort)


(Mini Update - Ninette, Mavise, Saber, Fabrice) 


High School Updates

Vincent 2

(Mini Update - Ninette, Desiree, Rina)

(Mini Update - Narcisse, Gisella, Adelise, Comfort, Celine, Carel) 



I love the way Laura does her rounds and seasons, so I decided that for my first round I'd try to do it her way. The title is I'll Cover You from one of my favorite movies RENT, and was chosen when I realized almost all the updates that were scheduled for this season included someone covering another, whether it means cheer them up when they are down, or helping them hide something wrong they did. The main characters for this season are: Devin Laurent, Faun Laurent, Fabrice Roux, Desiree Fournier, Adelise Lefèvre, Carel Robert, Mayne Robert, Narcisse Garcia, and the most important two are Comfort Bernard and Ninette Dupont.

The main three updates are the new year's eve ones, expect plenty of psychology and pregnancies throughout the season. It's really going to be quite a dramatic one, but that's best for the stories, isn't it?