Saturday, 28 May 2011

the mayor and his wife

March 1981

Quennel Vincent is 51, Jasmin Vincent is 35, Mignon Vincent is 3; Evony Durand is 30

Running for mayor and head of Verre Tranquille has been tiring Quennel endlessly. Finding him sleeping in the living room in 7 AM isn't rare at all.

Friday, 6 May 2011


March 1981

Staff: Principal Gertrude Wagner is 40, Teacher Adelise Lefevre is 35, Student-Teacher Fifi Michel is 23.
6th Graders: Lyra Garcia, Andy David and Rafael Silva are all 18; Reymond Perrot and Rey Garcia are both 17.
5th Graders: Cheri Martin is 16; Norris Perrot, Esperanza Silva and Ninon and Paien Laurent are all 15; Derrell Bonnet and Rique Blanc are both 14.
4th Graders: Emanuele Blanc and Geri Bonnet are both 13;  Rust David, Alonzo Silva, Genivee Bonnet and Lance Moreau are all 12.