Saturday, 26 March 2011

january 1981 birthdays

 Auriville and LaVergne are holding a small family event in their sun room, taking advantage of the sunny Winter the citizens of Verre Tranquille seem to have won. January marks the birthday of some of the many family members and right now it's Evony's and Zara's.

Friday, 25 March 2011

New pages!

I have posted THREE (That's right, THREE) new pages under 'Neighborhood Information' and you guys have no idea how much I would appreciate it if you could check them out and maybe leave a comment (Here if it isn't allowed there), even if it says 'Your blog sucks I hate it!' because I know that I have been extremely passive lately (Or always, actually) and I promise to fix it!

Anyway, the three pages are Family Trees, a Resident Database (Which I might link profiles to if I will live for another 200 years :P) and a post about aging in VT. I'm hoping it will be some way of getting to know the characters and neighborhood or whatever.

Also, the neighborhood is almost complete. All the sims are created and plenty of them are moved into their houses. I have 12 days until Spring Break and I am so looking forward to finishing VT and am very proud of myself for being this close and not giving up throughout the whole thing (Seriously, I think I've been on this for a year or something. I'm just so freaking slow :P)

One more thing, sorry if this post doesn't make any sense but it's 1 AM and I want to go to sleep but I'm working on the Education page and promise to post it tomorrow!

(I'm not good with keeping it to one more thing) what do you guys think of the new banner? It's Brigitte Fournier shocked of how empty apartments are when you first rent them if you didn't recognize her. Her brother Pippin made sure to move all the furniture in before she could throw a tantrum.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Layout Change

I'm much happier with this one, since it allows me to place larger pictures.

Sorry for not posting that much (Or at all), been VERY busy with school.

Actual updates and profiles will be posted in April, since it will be Passover break (Or Spring Break as it is called in America) and I will have real play time. (So far I've been limited to random families not from Verre Tranquille, townies and 15 minute neighborhood building time)

P.S. I edited the 'Meet the Girard's' and the 'Merry Christmas from the Davids' posts to fit the new layout and I'm actually very pleased with both! I did it on two different styles, so if you could please tell me which you like better I would be very happy :)