Monday, 25 April 2011

1981 elections

March 1981

It's the beginning of March and everyone in Verre Tranquille know what that means - Elections.

march 1981 Birthdays

March 1981

Ninette Dupont has just entered her 2nd trimester and she's starting to show. She figured out she can't know who the baby daddy is now so she'll just have to focus on what's best for the baby. She's still house surfing and she thinks she found  a nice 2 bedroom apartment a few streets from her.

kind of okay

February 1981 narrated by Adelise

Adelise Lefevre is 35, Telfor Lefevre is 11, Gisella Lefevre is 9 (Gertrude Wagner is 40, Heidi Wagner is 10, Jade Silva is 9)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

goodbye love

February 1981 (narrated by Ansel)

Ansel Martin is 46, Gala Martin is 43, Cheri Martin is 16, Genivee Martin is 12 (Eliot Martin is 19, Hamilton Martin is 2)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

lose you, part II

February 1981

Ninette Dupont is 24 (Rina Inoue is 33, Halette Simon is 30, Fabrice Roux is 27, Eliot Martin is 19, Desiree Fournier is 19)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

lose you, part I

February 1981

Ninette Dupont is 24 (Mavise Dupont is 53, Fabrice Roux is 27, Saber Girad is 25)

Monday, 18 April 2011

pay attention

February 1981

Kerman Durand is 60, Evony Durand is 30 (Jasmin Vincent is 34)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

february 1981 birthdays

Rina Inoue is feeling bigger than ever now that she's entered her 2nd trimester. Her baby bump is still very tiny  but she already feels the heavy weight on her feet. Her boyfriend Fabrice Roux is being pretty responsible right now and he even asked her to move in with him once the baby's born. Rina doesn't quite trust him yet but she told him she'll consider.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


January 1981

Danae Bos is 20, Devin Laurent is 20, Carel Robert is 20, Faun Laurent is 19, Veryl Dupont is 19

(Selene Bernard is 22, Leal David is 22, Brigitte and Pippin Fournier are 22, Aron Garcia is 20, Belle Roux is 20)

time for school

January 1981

Staff: Principal Halette Simon is 31, Mavise Dupont is 52, Piera Roux is 28, Carel Robert is 20.
Students: Daiki Inoue III is 12, Telfor Lefevre is 11, Letje Moreau is 10, Ricard Inoue is 10, Heidi and Helga Wagner are 10, Gisella Lefevre is 9, Jade Silva is 9, Julius Perrot is 9, Favor David is 9, Gustav Blanc is 8, Shou Inoue is 8, Rudolf Wagner is 8, Carola Moreau is 8, Quinton Petit is 7, Mai Blanc is 6, Miki Inoue is 6.

It's a brand new day in school and as soon as the bell rings all the students enter their classes and pick a seat. Ricard Inoue isn't that happy about the seating arrangement in his class. He wants to sit next to Letje Moreau, not alone in the table next to Heidi and Helga Wagner, who talk all the time and interrupt his studies! Besides, Daiki is like, really tall and he's hiding him one third of the board.

Monday, 11 April 2011


January 1981

Platt Laurent is 46, Elishia Laurent is 46, Ninon and Paien Laurent are 14 (Andy David is 17, Derrell Bonnet is 14)

Paien can't believe it but she's actually having a more difficult time studying now. Well, it's not really school but she's trying to get as many scholarships for when she'll go to college. Right now she's trying to get a charisma scholarship, which is really the opposite of anything that fits her. She usually comes off as a little rude geeky girl and that's no good first impression.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

not big

January 1981

Antoine Roux is 57, Coco Roux is 57, Drago Roux is 18 (Jeannine Roux is 61, Belle Roux is 20)

Drago spends most of his days exercising or watching TV. He didn't get accepted to college and he's supposed to be studying but he just can't bother. He already got an athletic scholarship so no matter how much more he'll exercise it won't help him, only with girls which he doesn't seem to get right now.

1981 Play Schedule

Birthdays - Zara Perrot turns 2, Cherise and Marcel Roux turn 6, Carola Moreau turns 8, Norris Perrot turns 15, Rey Garcia turns 17, Evony Durand turns 30, Bruno Wagner turns 41, Dion Blanc turns 43, Dilan Garcia turns 46, Ansel Martin turns 46, Loyal Vincent turns 50, Coco Roux turns 57, Daiki Inoue turns 71.
Bernard - Comfort Bernard, Selene Bernard.
Roux 2 - Antoine Roux, Coco Roux, Drago Roux.
Laurent - Platt Laurent, Elishia Laurent, Ninon Laurent, Paien Laurent.
Primary School Updates
Moreau Campus - Devin Laurent, Carel Robert, Faun Laurent, Veryl Dupont.

Friday, 8 April 2011

simple kind of life

January 1981

Comfort Bernard is 44, Selene Bernard is 22 (Narcisse Garcia is 43, Halette Simon is 31)

Life is pretty mundane for Comfort. On the week days, she's always lonely. Thirteen years ago, when she divorced Loyal Vincent, she found out all her friends were actually his and she hasn't found any since, other than her daughter.