Saturday, 28 May 2011

the mayor and his wife

March 1981

Quennel Vincent is 51, Jasmin Vincent is 35, Mignon Vincent is 3; Evony Durand is 30

Running for mayor and head of Verre Tranquille has been tiring Quennel endlessly. Finding him sleeping in the living room in 7 AM isn't rare at all.

He's just so busy. When he's not giving speeches he's preparing them,

Or entertaining possible voters and convincing them his ideas are the best for them.

Every saturday he gets a massage at the local spa, to relieve his stress. He's a pretty laid back guy, but no one can take so much pressure.

Jasmin rarely ever sees him. Most days she just sits at home with Mignon, not sure what to do.

Most people would call her a cold hearted bitch, but she's truly a great person to her family. Most days the nanny doesn't even come over and Jasmin takes care of Mignon herself.

Another person who's always on Jasmin's good side is Evony Durand, her best friend. They don't get to see each other much lately because their husbands are competing against each other on the elections but they do whenever they can.

Evony just found out she's pregnant with twins and Jasmin is trying to teach her a bit about parenting. Evony isn't really sure if she'll be able to do any of it herself, seeing Kerman is always so busy, but Jasmin assures her you get used to it after a couple of months.

Even though Jasmin tries to do as much parenting herself she has a nanny come over some days, so she can go out with Evony or just have quiet time to herself.

She loves reading romance novels when Evony can't hang out. Jasmin doesn't have many friends other than Evony, she's just not that nice to most people, so she has to entertain herself.


How cute is Jasmin? Seriously, I am loving her in that new hairstyle I gave her. Much better.

Quennel is quite a drinker. When I took the picture with Jasmin and Evony whenever I came back to him he's drinking.

Don't be fooled, they did spend a little time together. They're one of my only 3 bolt couples in VT.


  • Oh, that update took a long time. I'm terribly sorry, but please read this if you want my explanation.
  • Jasmin is a fortune-family sim with 0 nice points. I imagine she's only a socialite because of the luxury, not the part where she has to talk to people. She rolls a lot of wants about Mignon, but doesn't want another kid, which is fine by me since Quennel is already 51.
  • About hairstyles and such, I know it looks like I change them a lot, but I finally found one I really like for Jasmin. None for Evony though, nothing fits her! I'm still searching.
  • The nanny is one of my playable nannies/maids/butlers. They all live in one household so I can add them to a family I'm playing and then go back to their household and add them back in. I only charge money from the playables but I don't bother giving them the money, even though it's easy. I just don't play them anyway!
  • I already know who won the elections and I'm currently shooting an update which will come soon. I have way too many mini updates to do.


  1. Can't wait to see who wins the election, that's funny that he's always drinking, must be his way to cope with the pressure :P

  2. Apple Valley, I can't wait to post it! Some of the results shocked me and some didn't...

    It actually really fits what I first thought of him. Not an alcoholic, but a good drinker :P

  3. I was going to ask you about the nanny! She's sure easier on the eye than the two (EA) nannies in Sullivan, lol!

    I hope Jasmin and Evony don't let their husband's mayoral race come between them. I'm interested to see who will win though.

    It's nice to have some families with only one kid. I haven't a family like that in forever!

  4. First of all I have to say I'm totally in love with your new header!! It looks amazing!!
    And I like what we've seen of their home here, it looks luxurious but cosy.

    I have to agree with Carla, that's it's nice to see some families with only 1 child, it doesn't happen too much in SimsVille, but it's nice.

    It's nice that Jasmin and Evony are still friends with their husband but runnning for mayor, I hope they will still be friends when they know the results.

  5. I love your new banner, it looks great!

    I can't wait to see who wins. I did find it quite funny about Quennel always drinking, I suppose everyone had their own release.

    Now finally, what a good idea about the playable nannies!

  6. The playable nannies are a great idea!

    I laughed at his drinking, too... funny how it just fits with his character of being stressed. One child families are the minority in my hood, too... its like once they get started with kids, they don't want to stop :)

  7. Carla, yes, that was one of the reasons I stopped using the game nannies :P

    I believe they'll stay friends no matter the results, not so sure about their husbands though.

    I forced myself to have a few 1 kid families in VT. I used to have 3-5 kids in every family before but it's also nice to have 1 kid families. The only negative about it is genetics. Both Vincent brothers have 1 daughter and both look more like their mothers.

    Tanja, thank you! I love taking pictures of PV, especially with the neighborhood sky. Mostly because of the fact that it's the most finished of the 'hoods, lol.

    Driftwood Valley, thank you too!

    Yes, just a shame his isn't something more productive, or healthy.

    Blackcat, I totally agree about once they get started with kids they can't stop. Great excuse for big families, lol :D

  8. Mignon is super cute!!! Yikes on the two husband's running against each other, I'm glad it's not affecting their friendship. And I hope the twins birth and parenting goes easier for Evony than she anticipates it going.

  9. Maisie, thanks! She's one of my favorite toddlers in VT.

    Yes, I can imagine the situation being uncomfortable, but luckily they're both good enough friends to ignore it.

    I hope so too, more for the twins than for Evony :)