Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas from the Davids!

Mayhew David is 70, Alita David is 69, Garan David is 39, Jeena David is 38, Leal David is 22, Brigitte Fournier is 22, Andy David is 17, Rust David is 12, Favor David is 9

Usually they go to Jeena's parents for Christmas but this year they're in the Bahamas and Garan and Jeena are left hosting Garan's brother and parents. This year, all eyes are on Leal's new girlfriend, Brigitte Fournier.
Her choice of a casual short green dress seems odd to them. Sure, the heat is on so it's not that cold, but still - It's snowing outside. To Alita she just seems fake - She dyes her hair, she giggles like she hates them. She's no good for her son.
Andy, being 17, just thinks she's hot!
Luckily, little Favor doesn't care and she's sure to make everyone but the worried Alita laugh. Plus, she can't wait to get her presents!
And trust her, the wait was worth it!  
-This is the first of a few short Christmas posts, made to introduce you to the families a little bit. Also, this motivates me to decorate their houses. Next one will probably be more christmas-y, as in sweaters, cookies, tree...
-Sorry for the absence. I'll make up for it, promise!
-Also, I have no idea why all the little girls I've showed you so far look so similar. They look very different when they grow up! I try to make my sims as diverse as possible, sometimes even ugly, but apparently with sim girls I fail :/
-I LOL'd hard when Favor was talking about kissing and everyone made funny faces :)

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    1. It was nice seeing the family altogether and having dinner. Looking forward to seeing more of your families!