Saturday, 22 January 2011

Meet the Girard's

 Fletcher Girard is the father of the family. He was born in the 26th of February year 1925, to Eugène and Adèle Girard, both now deceased, and had an older brother called Saber who died during war in the year of 1950. When he was 20 he met Marie Johnson and fell in love with her, but he waited one more year to pursue their romance when she turned 18. When he was 23 they got married and are still together to this day. Fletcher owns a catering business called Red Food, named after his first dog. The business isn't doing that well but Fletcher won't quit and insists some day it will.

 Marie (Johnson) Girard is the mother of the family. She was born in the 15th of October 1928 to parents Ronald and Eleanor Johnson in the United States, but moved together with her sister Hilary (Johnson) Moore to Verre Tranquille when she was only 16. At age 17 she met her first love Fletcher Girard and started a relationship with him when she turned legal, marrying him two years later and taking his last name of Girard. Fletcher and her tried to have children for a long time until they found out Marie was barren and couldn't have babies of her own, so they adopted their two children - Piera (Girard) Roux and Saber Girard - named after Fletcher's deceased brother. Marie has her own small grocery store - selling mostly fish, in Parrain Verite and is enjoying the simple life with her family.

 Saber Girard was born in the 4th of August in 1955 and was named after his adoptive father - Fletcher's older brother who died in war 5 years before. Saber was born to a friend of the Girard's called Lia Hustel who died giving birth to him, so he was legally adopted by Fletcher and Marie. When Saber turned 18 he started attending Law school, and finished at the age of 24 but after working in the business for a while he decided to quit and open a furniture store, hoping to one day own a mega empire. Saber is mainly interested in two things - Working and learning. The only reason Saber ever takes a day off is to go to his parents who he dearly loves. Saber has had many romantic partners, short as 1 night or long as 3 years - But he is currently single. He's a little flirty with a few girls but nothing more.

 Hedvige Girard isn't such a close relative of the Girard's. Her father is Fletcher's cousin but they didn't have a close relationship until one year ago, when Hedvige moved to Batiments Jeunes and found out Fletcher and his family lived in Parrain Verite. Hedvige's favorite thing in the world is her cat. She lets her screw around with all the furniture and ruin it and plays with her right after. People tell her that's not wise but Hedvige doesn't care about wise. She wants to go to college some day but she still doesn't know what she wants to do, so she figures it's not worth it.

Hedvige really loves the Girards. She hates leaving them and going to her crummy little apartment, but she has to, she's an adult now.


  1. Nice meeting the Girard family, I hope things work out for Hedvige on her own, did she get to take her cat with her?

  2. Maisie, I think Hedvige will be fine. I make it so in the Verre Tranquille getting a decent job without a degree is nearly impossible but she'll stick around as a waitress for now and maybe she'll decide to go to college some day. I don't do maxis college so it's possible to go to college any time.

    Of course she took her cat! The Girard couple don't seem to me as cat people, more like the dog types. When I placed her in her apartment, not a second goes by and her cat has already destroyed something!