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january 1981 birthdays

 Auriville and LaVergne are holding a small family event in their sun room, taking advantage of the sunny Winter the citizens of Verre Tranquille seem to have won. January marks the birthday of some of the many family members and right now it's Evony's and Zara's.

Evony loves being the center of attention, even at such small events like the one her parents are holding so she doesn't wait for her husband Kerman Durand, president of Verre Tranquille, to come back to share the happy news. After three years of her begging Kerman to start trying for a baby, now that she's already 30 he's agreed and Evony hopes to get pregnant soon.

Little 2 year old Zara isn't as big a fan of attention as Evony so she plays with her brand new dollhouse in the corner. Being the granddaughter of Auriville and LaVergne Perrot she got many more gifts, most of them much more expensive, but her mother's old dollhouse is by far her favorite.

January also marks birthdays of many Roux family members. To begin their day, Piera and Augustin celebrate twins Cherise and Marcel Roux's 6th birthday in the private pool they installed a few months ago in the back of their house, also taking advantage of the oddly sunny January.

Cherise, older than Marcel in a matter of minutes, is in love with the new water slide, and beats him to it by running.

Marcel ignores the humiliation of a girl running faster than him and has a lot of fun with the water slide as well. He knows he isn't that athletic anyway and that he can read better than her.

Later that day they all visit grandma Jeannine for her 61st birthday dinner. Piera warned them to eat neatly next to their strict grandmother, and grandpa Dionte keeps a close eye on them fearing Jeannine's reaction. Ever since she's turned 60 Jeannine has been very cranky and everyone fear her reaction. Jeannine complimented Piera on her cooking after the dinner, a first for Piera, so all went well for them.

Carola Moreau is celebrating her 8th birthday on January as well but her parents are nowhere as rich as the previous families. Her grandfather Karl Moreau is very rich actually, but he and his son Franky aren't even on speaking terms lately, so Carola has to settle and just play with her sisters and eat her mother's cake.

On the morning of Rey Garcia's birthday he looked all around the house to find his birthday present but failed. For a moment he though that it was the guitar but he later assumed it's just his brother's.

The Garcia's enjoy living on farm land and decided to celebrate Rey's 17th and Dilan's 46th birthdays with a small bonfire.

Bruno Wagner's wife and kids are all in school on his 41st birthday so he celebrates by taking a day off and spending the day at home with his youngest, Winifred. At first he planned on taking her to the museum but unfortunately it was closed so they just watched TV.  

Ansel Martin and his family all planned to go on a picnic for his 46th birthday but just as they were about to leave a cloud of rain landed on them, ruining the previously sunny January the residents of Verre Tranquille had. They decided instead to stay in and play Don't Wake the Llama. Desiree is on her 3rd trimester and is scheduled to give birth to twins in March so she stayed on the couch while mother in law Gala gave her a lecture about birth control, right next to her 2 year old son Hamilton, previous cute little accident.

Quennel Vincent invited his brother Loyal Vincent to his urban mansion to have a few drinks to celebrate Loyal's 50th birthday. Quennel, mayor of Batiments Jeunes, has noticed his brother's been feeling down lately and tried to cheer him up. Loyal finds nothing positive about this birthday, only a few more wrinkles added to his face.

Coco Roux only has one thing on her mind in her 57th birthday - Woohoo! Her husband Antoine is more than happy to fulfill her wish as soon as their youngest son Drago leaves for work.

Owner of the Parrain Verite orphanage, Dion Blanc, is celebrating his 43rd birthday on January. 14 year old Rique and 13 year old Emanuele exhibit what they have learned in their Culinary Arts lessons in school as their present to him.

Norris Perrot and his close family go to the public Etude Dur swimming pool to celebrate his 15th birthday. His mother Arleta is very familiar with swimming, having being a professional swimmer in her 20's.

Oldest of the January borns is Daiki Inoue. He's very excited to work on his birthday, being the workaholic he is. His wife Aoi is very disappointed as she wanted to take him to her new restaurant but after their many years of marriage she isn't surprised, so she leaves him a piece of cake and goes to work as well.


urr... Thank god he succeeded! Not a great way to celebrate your 61st birthday if you ask me!


  • Took me a while to make this. I think I decided on what I will use to edit my pictures now so next time will (hopefully) take less time.
  • Profiles of those who celebrated the birthdays will be uploaded soon. I already have them written and the pictures edited so it shouldn't take me a lot. It's a good way for me to add the profiles, just whenever the sims have their birthdays.
  • If you look at the extras picture you can see why January was so sunny. Oops! Fixed that after I took all the pictures. Batiments Jeunes did have actual winter though!
  • This is the first actual update, yay! The story won't start until April but I hope you'll settle with this for now. I'll still post a lot, but rule posts, etc... Like the three new ones I have under Neighborhood Additions. If you still haven't seen them, you'll find them in the right. If I get one comment I will post the Education post today, so please???
  • In 1982 I'll start posting only the life stage birthdays and pregnancy updates but in 1981 it is something to motivate me to organize anything.

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