Friday, 8 April 2011

simple kind of life

January 1981

Comfort Bernard is 44, Selene Bernard is 22 (Narcisse Garcia is 43, Halette Simon is 31)

Life is pretty mundane for Comfort. On the week days, she's always lonely. Thirteen years ago, when she divorced Loyal Vincent, she found out all her friends were actually his and she hasn't found any since, other than her daughter.

Selene loves spending time with her mother, but she can only come on the weekends, and even then she has to study. She's nearing the first semester of her 3rd year studying Psychology and working hard to maintain her 4.0 GPA.

She actually used to be very lazy as a kid, but now she does anything she can to help her mother. Selene remembers a few years ago, when Comfort couldn't do anything but eat and sleep being so depressed from losing her husband. She had to force her mother to go into therapy.

Thanks to her, Comfort is okay now. Selene loves her mother more than anything and keeps her company when she paints, Comfort's favorite activity. Usually she doesn't last more than a few minutes though, but Selene stays confident that her mother will be able to go back.

After consulting with her Psychologist and Selene Comfort decided a while ago to go back to the job market. Up until 1 month ago she still worked in the Verre Tranquille offices of Law together with Loyal, being too stubborn to leave. Loyal was Verre Tranquille's head Judge and couldn't leave, but Comfort was only a mere secretary, insisting on staying just to see him every day. But just as she took those pictures of him off the wall, she quit her old job.

She has a job interview in the local Primary School for a job as an art teacher. Comfort hasn't graduated from university or ever went through any teaching course, but she's made a settlement with the Principal and Verre Tranquille's department of Education she won't get any raises or promotions. Comfort knows that no job would fit her more than being an art teacher, but she's still worried her awkward persona will prevent her from getting the job.

So right before the interview, Comfort stops by her therapist for a quick meeting. Narcisse Garcia, her psychologist, tells her she has nothing to be worried of as they have been getting ready for an interview months now.

And Narcisse isn't lying. Comfort truly has spent the past few months getting ready for a job interview and she couldn't be any readier.

Only to relieve Comfort, Narcisse does another simulation. As Narcisse has predicted, Comfort does well and would surely convince the principal to hire her.

As much as Comfort likes Narcisse, she hates her office. The curtains clash horribly with the floor which should have been white, the black piano looks out of place next to the brown of furniture placed in the rest of the room and worst of all, she only has one picture which looks as if it cost her 10 simoleons. But somehow, their meetings always make Comfort feel better and look at the positive side of life for a while.

So Comfort takes a bus and stops at the school. Worries go back to her mind when she's there, it starts raining and she didn't bring a coat, what will the principal think?

She finds Halette Simon, the principal, heavily pregnant, sitting in one of the classrooms. Comfort is confused when Halette doesn't ask for her resume or anything and just starts talking

 Things go much better than expected, even though Comfort forgets her words sometimes. She just figures Halette constantly grinning means well.

She returns home, and for now she doesn't have much to do. But smiling, she starts painting.


It happened when I let Selene host a party so all the college kids would meet each other and I'd adjust their relationships. She's kissing Pippin Fournier in this picture, and he kind of has something going on with someone else but I'll see who he'll choose. I don't really see him as the two timing type.

  • Title is Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt, one of my favorite songs by them.
  • Yay, first update!
  • Comfort is one of my favorite characters and I can't wait until you can hear more of her. She has more mini updates this round but this is her 'official' update so I played her obligatory 1 day and she didn't do anything much.
  • If you're wondering, she's a playground monitor in the education career and I won't let her get more than 1 promotion unless she goes to college.
  • I'm still working on the education post, and I might post that and the rest of the January profiles tomorrow.
  • Yesterday my vacation started and it will continue until the 27th so hopefully I'll finish January by then. I don't have any other plans but meeting with my friends and working on my papers.
  • Do you all like the borders on the pictures? Or white borders? Or no borders? I'm still not sure how I want to edit my pictures...


  1. I'm glad Comfort got a new job. It can't have been a healthy thing, hanging around an office hoping to catch a glimpse of your ex all day.

    It doesn't bother me whether there are borders or not on the pictures. I think as long as they're not distracting, whatever you want to do is fine. I had to scroll back up to see what kind of borders you meant so "distracting" is obviously not a problem with your pics!

  2. Carla, I originally planned to make Comfort's update in December 1980 to show her quitting but I decided that because of the delay I'll move forward to January 1981. I actually had a whole story written about Comfort obsessing over her ex but when I switched computers (See how long was my delay?) I lost it and made a new update.

    I like having borders on my pictures, since they give me a more official feeling, but between distracting borders and no borders I'd much rather have no borders, so I'm glad they're not.

  3. Love No Doubt!!! Comfort is sweet, a character I can see myself rooting for. I agree with Carla, hanging around the office where your ex works is not very helpful in getting over them! Your pictures look great, the borders look fine.

  4. Mizzgin03, No Doubt are one of my favorite bands!

    Comfort is indeed sweet, she has 10 nice points! And well, Comfort is a little obsessed, but we'll let her with it as long as she is getting better now :)

    Thanks! I'm still messing around with how to edit my pictures and the next update might look different.

  5. Good for Comfort for finally moving on with her life. I can only imagine how hard it is to have something to significant to your live fall apart.

  6. Nikki, I just hope she didn't move on too late!

    Divorces are always a touchy subject but even more for someone like Comfort, who I imagine relied on Loyal too much.

    And come to think of it, maybe that's one of the reasons for their divorce?

  7. I think Comfort would be a good teacher...or interior designer