Sunday, 26 June 2011

are you sure it's the bride ; fournier-roux wedding

November 1981

(warning: one swear word)

All of the guests are in their seats, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are in positions, and they're all waiting for the two people this day is about, the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Roux.

Coco, mother of the groom, gets a text message from Drago that they arrived. She tries to tell her son, the best man, to stand up straight, but he figures he'll do it when he sees the groom.

Coco has been waiting for this day 28 years, since she gave birth to her first son Fabrice. She wanted to have a big ballroom wedding, with half of Verre Tranquille invited, a flower girl and everyone dressed up in their most expensive clothes, but had to compromise. Actually, the wedding is so not what she imagined it's not a compromise, it's just giving up. She didn't want them to elope, she answered their every demand. And there she was, sending the invitations, wanting to cry at the sight of 'Casual Wear' written on them. At least there's an arch.

Drago finally arrives and Coco's mood is up again. Sure, he didn't agree to wear a tie, not even a clip-on or a bowtie, but a suit is a suit. She still wishes he would cut his hair for the occasion, he looks like he's reverse balding.

'This is the moment,' she thinks. 'the best thing in every wedding. Brigitte is coming'. Coco picked Brigitte's dress herself, and made sure her hair and makeup were perfect before she left her alone and went to greet the guests.

Coco hears someone walking. 'She's here!' she squees to herself. Oddly enough, it doesn't sound like clacking heels. And then, she starts hearing whispers.

'Is she wearing sandals?', 'Why is her dress so short?', 'Are you sure it's the bride?'. Coco feels her throat dry up. She wants to look behind her, but she got so stiff she can't move. She looks at a far away spot and feels like she's on the top of a building, about to jump.

And finally she sees the future Mrs. Roux walking next to her, smiling and looking at Coco's son. It feels like she just woke up from a nightmare. Brigitte isn't wearing a wedding dress, she's wearing a dress people with the last name Roux give their housekeeper to mop the floor with. Coco can't breath, can't move, can't blink.

She returns to the spot she looked at before. Brigitte pantsed Coco but she can't pull her trousers back up. She's sure everyone is looking at her but they aren't, and their whispers aren't about her, but embarrassment doesn't need a true cause.

She can hear them saying their vows but she doesn't understand the words. She looks at the heart on the top of the arch and thinks of how Brigitte broke hers. She feels a pain on her left arm and tries to remember whether this means she's having a heart attack or not. She wants to scream, she wants to rip Brigitte's dress, she wants to rent a fuckin' ballroom and throw a second wedding, but instead she looks at the top of the arch and tries to seem happy.

Soon enough the couple are sharing their first dance as man and wife. Coco gets up and tries to shake off the frozen feeling but she remains stiff.

"Beautiful wedding Mrs. Roux. I've never been to a beach wedding before." Fifi, Belle's best friend who she brought as her plus one to the wedding, interrupts Coco's thoughts. "Thanks Fifi. I'm glad you could come." Coco says as politely as she can. "I love how Brigitte wore her mom's wedding dress. That was very thoughtful of you, I hear Adrienne is very happy." Fifi says, leaving Coco even more shocked than before.

"Well, it was Brigitte's choice actually." Coco tries to brush it off. "Well it was great anyway." Fifi laughs. Coco looks at their feet, feeling more uncomfortable than ever. It's like after Brigitte pantsed Coco, Fifi came and stole her trousers, leaving Coco all alone.

"I better go to the dance floor now, Belle looks like a doofus dancing alone." Fifi jokes, and leaves with Coco's trousers.

Coco can't hold back her tears anymore, and excuses herself to the toilet. For the first time since she married a Roux, she's going to enter a portable potty.

That's when Antoine, Coco's husband, notices something's wrong. "Come out Cookie, we need to talk." he says and knocks at the door. She opens the door, looking down. "It's the dress, isn't it?" he asks her. "It's blue." she cries. "That's just because it's old. Come on, you have to forgive her. She only meant to please her mother." he says and drags her out. She looks up at him. "But now, I'm kind of her mother, right?" she says and he nods, "So she's also supposed to please me." she begs. "What's done is done, they can't have a second wedding. It's almost over, let's just finish with it." he says and takes her back to the guests.

"Hello Coco, I wanted to personally thank you for letting Bri wear my dress." Adrienne says when they return. "It's nothing, it's just Brigitte's decision." Coco says, not even trying to sound polite anymore. "You see, back when Dix and I got married, we couldn't afford much, and we realized a big fancy wedding doesn't matter, all that's important is we have each other." Adrienne tells the couple. "Oh look, the food is served!" Antoine says and takes Coco away from Adrienne for the rest of the wedding.

Wedding Pictures:


Just a beautiful capture of laughter.

I know you're a romance sim and you just got married, but dude: a. You're the one who had the engagement want and b. It's your wedding pictures, you're not 3!

Gee Fifi, thanks for getting a huge pile of sand for me!

Fifi wasn't kidding when she said Belle looked like a doofus.


Next post will be Round 2!!!


  1. Aww, poor Coco! I liked the blue dress though. And what a great location for a wedding!

  2. Charleston Sims, Coco has the materialistic trait and she's a family sim so she loves weddings, so Drago's wedding not turning out as the wedding of her dreams is terrible for her.

    I like that dress too, for everyday wear! Not a wedding dress at all.

    I never had a beach wedding before in TS2 so it was pretty fun for me too. The only problem about the location is that the sky malfunctioned, so some pictures have pretty sky with clouds and some pictures have the maxis sky.

  3. I love the wedding location, it's beautiful.

    I can see why Coco's upset about the wedding not going the way she planned, but Brigitte looked beautiful anyway and everyone still enjoyed the wedding.

  4. I like Coco's POV about everything and the expectations and how the dress was a big issue for her. Great job.

  5. Lovely place for a wedding. I too loved this from Coco's POV. I think this will be good for her in the long run, she can't always get her way lol. It was still a beautiful wedding, even without all the fuss and expensive things! And yay on starting Round 2! Sometimes it seems that rounds take forever, other times it seems they fly by!

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