Monday, 27 June 2011

round 2 ros

Sinks break - Break all the sinks in the household: Silly ROS, not much to do with it but add a clumsy trait to that sim.
Self doubt - Change aspiration for 1 day - Keep or change back: This one's nice, because the sim is very boring and this could rescue him from NPPC doom.
Small lottery prize - 300 $: They don't need it but I have an idea what to do with it.
Family reunion: I was planning to do it anyway.
PMS - Annoy the next walkby 6 times: Not like the sim at all, and I'm hoping the walkby will just be a random townie.
Party - Sleepover: My favorite one, because it's so funny. The sim's not in the sleepover age but I'll have to figure out a way to make it appropriate and interesting.
Make like rabbits (Woohoo 1 time in the next 24 hours): I love the title - I think 'Make like rabbits' means more than once.
Completely understandable fight (Lowest relationship): Not sure who the sim's lowest relationship is, or what I think of the ROS.
Master herbalist home study course - Sim must successfully grow all plants from AquaGreen Hydrophonic Garden: Never used that object since Olive Specter I think.
Move someone in (Could be a lover, friend, or relative): This household is so packed up already, I have absolutely no Idea how I'll move in another sim.

Overall, boring ROS's. My favorite is the sleepover one and my least favorite is the AquaGreen Hydrophonic Garden thing.

By the way, if you haven't seen the status page yet it's in the sidebar and updated regularly. I also updated the play schedule to the 1982-3 (Round 2) play schedule.

Outtakes: Yes, ROS can have outtakes

I think I should have kept this one, no? Much more interesting than the other ones! (I have ages in my ROS file in case I forget a certain sim grew up or such and reroll)

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