Monday, 26 July 2010

1980-1981 Random Events

Woohoo RIGHT NOW! - I am super excited about this one!

Distant relative moves in - This is the best ROS I could have rolled. EVER.

Participate in a dance contest

Woohoo 6 times in the next 24 hours - Funny who I rolled this for

Sinks break. Break all sinks in household

Family Reunion Sad, because this person lost some of his family :(

Weekly night out - Bowling

Dumped! (Get dumped) - Wow, they didn't even last one round!

Meet someone new

Mini mid-life crisis. Change secondary aspiration (Romance) - Not so happy about this one...

  • I did roll one death but I made a deal with myself I won't kill anyone so I didn't count it. I also made a deal with myself I will reroll if anything too life-changing would be there (As in... Distant relative moves in) but that ROS was just too good for me to cancel it. 


  1. Wow it looks like you have rolled a lot of great events. That's funny that you made a deal with yourself to not kill anyone, it made it sound like you generally enjoy doing that. haha. Funny on the dumped one being on such a new relationship, probably less disheartening then if it had been for a long time couple though.

  2. I certainly don't want to kill anyone! Just that it's the first round and I kind of want readers to know who is who before they are gone...

    Yeah, I'm happy it turned out to be that couple rather than a couple who's been together for years or even one of the other new-ish couples. Since all of the sims are new everything is created story-wise at first, I made this a bad-boy kind of relationship so I figured they probably won't last long anyway.