Thursday, 29 July 2010

Models and mothers

Fall 1980:

Silana Petit is 31
(Lionel Petit is 34, Louella Petit is 34, Margery Rousseau is 25, Quinton Petit is 7 and Simone Petit is 6)

narrated by Silana Petit

I've been working like mad lately. If it wasn't for some old grandpa who wants me to fix his pants it was on my latest line which I am hoping I may truly be able to present. I have to find some way to make more money so I could get out of the huge debt I got myself into. Clients are rare here and I can't find a steady job that I qualify for. I wish I could have moved to Bâtiments Jeunes, get a job at Constance and move my way up the career ladder and I even went to a job interview but because of my foolish decision of buying a big house when I moved to Parrain Vérité I got myself in too much debt. Hopefully someone would want to buy this house.

Well, I did need all of the rooms for the photoshoot. There are 6 rooms in this house, 2 of which for my studio and my bedroom, and all the others were decorated for the photoshoot. Margery Rousseau, my good friend (Or my only friend, ever since I moved here), is my model. It's strange, paying my best friend, but she is so talented! I have to do all the makeup and pictures by myself for now, which I hope looks good. I studied it a bit in college, but only the basics. Another disadvantage of living in nowhere. No people working in the fashion industry other than myself and Margery.

After we finish, Margery gets dressed and we talk. I complain about money alot, she's been getting kind of tired of it lately. She clearly doesn't want me to move either, as she has no other friends either. We both have our families but it's not the same, and besides, anytime I try to talk to Lionel his nosy wife butts in.

Speaking of Louella, last time Lionel invited me over for dinner I heard them fighting about it in the kitchen. He was talking about how he wants the kids to know their aunt and how she can't stop him from staying in touch with the only family he has left and she said I'm a bad influence on the kids and I wear too much cleavege, which I totally don't, by the way.

The meal went nicely, at least when Lionel or the kids were talking.

Whenever Louella started one of her boring speeches I tried to just roll my eyes and ignore it.

But when Simone asked me how was the collection going and I said 'It's badass' Louella got up from the table and started yelling about how it is no language for a 6 or a 7 year old to hear and if they will learn such words at such a young age they will wind up just like me. God! It's not like I said 'fucking amazing' or 'bitchin' '...
I bet she bans all the TV channels but KidzTube for them too!

When everyone finished eating I went to the bathroom and as soon as I walk out, Louella is there. She told me I am a horrible person and she doesn't want the kids to act like teens in their 30's like me and there is no wonder why I can't find a boyfriend.

She did not know who she was messing with and I told her just where she could go. Her words didn't hurt me, but she truly pissed me off.

I told Lionel and the kids goodbye like everything was okay but I was just so angry! Also, guess what I found next to my porch the next evening?

Nice one, Louella! Real mature...

  • I tried to think of how mean both Louella and Silana are. Louella has 0 playful points, which is why she is so uptight. Silana has 2, but I think of the way the points are represented in diffrent ways for diffrent sims. For Silana it's more in the ability to finish anything she starts and being very studious. For Louella it's more related to her mean points and secondary family aspiration of her over-protectivness over her children.
  •  They truly, in-game, hate each other. On their own. I started their relationship as -10/-10 and they became enemies and -100/-100. 
  • I'm not on team anyone in this. I mean, Silana should act more mature and respect Louella's rules with her children but Louella should shut her mouth! Both those things are true in-game, Silana started talking to Quinton about woohoo out of nowhere, and Louella always starts all the fights.
  • This is Fall 1980, as in, before round 1, so I mainly just took the pictures, though Louella stopped at Silana's house to kick her trashcan. No flu, luckily.


  1. First update and you've already got yourself a pair of enemies! Wow!

    As for the cuts, if you Google "blogspot cuts", there are quite a few sites that have instructions. You need to modify your template to allow it but after you've done that, it's just a matter of pasting a little code into your text where you want the cut.

    Or you can use the "new" editor, which I wouldn't use if you paid me. If they ever make us switch over to that permanently, I'll move to Wordpress.

  2. Carla, Well, I'm experimenting with mean sims. Mostly my sims are pretty boring on the nice points. 4-6, usually. I know mean sims are supposed to like each other more, but since I started their relationship as negative, even by the slightest bit, they kept on fighting all the time.

    Thanks, I found out how to do it and I'm so glad I did :) Much easier going down the page.

  3. OMG they both aren't easy sims aren't they? I can only imagine how hard it must be for Lionel, one is his wife the other is his sister...
    You're absolutley right about them having to respect eacht other's wishes! Talking to a child about woohoo, I don't think there is one mother that would approve of that!

  4. Tanja, they sure aren't! When I do the Petit family update (In the first half of the year, though first I need to finish building the three remaining neighborhoods at least, not to mention the vacation neighborhoods) I would probably roll a dice to see what Lionel would do, if I can't figure it out by then. He's hella nice and not that serious, so I'm not sure if he'll even do anything. He loves Silana alot though, so he would probably talk to Louella about it. Don't think she'd listen though! I imagine her as very stubborn.

    I think when (if?) Silana would have children of her own she'd understand it. I'm hoping she would, but most of the single guys are younger than her by at least 6 years, and the only one around her age lives in Bâtiments Jeunes, which is really far away from Parrain Vérité. She'd probably move there soon anyway. She's in about 25,000 debt but I love her house so much!

  5. ROFL! Wow, those two women! I'm glad that they don't live together, and poor Lionel-stuck in the middle. Yikes.

  6. Apple Valley, Lionel might have a little less trouble seeing Silana might be moving away soon. I'm sure these two stubborn ladies will still fight when one would visit the other (Silana and Lionel are way too close to just lose connection, no matter what Louella may do) but at least they won't have to see each other about every day!