Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Margery Rousseau and bad luck

I've been taking some pictures to get used to going to options mode for no queue icons. Does anyone know how to get rid of that text in the top right of the picture? It's pretty annoying.

Also, is this size good for the updates or is it too small?

Silana's update is almost ready but for now I'll just leave you with a picture of her BFF Margery Rousseau, who I created in bodyshop and I am very proud of. She's a townie and has a husband and a baby girl. I wanted to make her a real playable but for some reason I feel it's better that she's just a townie. She lives in one of the smallest houses in Parrain Vérité.

So... I was decorating the Rousseau home and when I'm done, I look at the amount of cash they have to see if I can deposit some of it, and what do I see? If you can't notice, it's 666 simoleans. Scary...

Seeing Margery's daughter's (Who's name I totally forgot. Do'h! I should make a townie page with just names and ages maybe)  empty age bar also reminds me I forgot to adjust them. I made the townies to somewhat fit the ages of other playables so her daughter should be around 2, not 1!

Edit: It's Kari! (The toddler's name)


  1. The picture size is looking pretty good to me! I'm not sure what template you're using but some of them won't allow you to go much bigger than that anyway. I think the ones that have "stretch" in the name allow larger photos.

    Also, to get rid of the numbers, you need to type boolprop testingcheatsenabled false. You need to do it from the hood screen, not while you're on a lot. I have to do this every time I load my game, because I use allmenus on, which means testingcheats is on by default all the time.

  2. Carla I think I'll try some diffrent templates today, though I like this one alot. I want the pictures to look as good as possible :)

    I have the no censor blur patch which also allows for boolprop to be on by default so I'll just turn it off in the settings. Ever since I downloaded InSim I don't use boolprop much anymore so I guess I don't need it.