Friday, 23 July 2010

The Neighborhoods

The Verre Tranquille alliance includes 7 diffrent lands all sharing the same government and working together to have the best for all their residents.

Parrain Vérité

The govermental land of the Verre Tranquille alliance, mainly populated by the farmers and the fishers, yet also some of the richer politicians. Those politicians are not happy with having to visit the poor farming families everytime a meeting is held and want to transfer the meetings to another land of the Verre Tranquille alliance, Ville de Bénéfice. More traditional politicians however are not intrested in leaving the land which has served them good for many years have created a more civilized district of Parrain Vérité to please the other politicians. However, with the downfall of the Parrain Vérité economics, it seems like the other politicians will win.

Étude Dur

Another farming land of the Verre Tranquille alliance is Étude Dur. However, the Étude Dur economics are thriving thanks to the public university that has been there for over 50 years. The special strawberries are very popular among the residents of the Verre Tranquille alliance as well and tourists have plenty to do. Everybody like Étude Dur.

Ville de Bénéfice

The most popular land in the Verre Tranquille alliance, Ville de Bénéfice is considered as the suburbs, being next to the very urban city of Bâtiments Jeunes. Ville de Bénéfice is very idyllic to families of any size, wealth and age, and is very quiet. Due to the increasing poverty in Parrain Vérité, politicians of the Verre Tranquille alliance are considering on declaring Ville de Bénéfice as the land of the Verre Tranquille goverment, but changes are yet to be made.

Bâtiments Jeunes

As most young sims of the Verre Tranquille alliance find the Bâtiments Jeunes the most attractive place to live in, as well as the older rich businessmen and women, it is considered to be the cultural and industrial center of Verre Tranquille alliance. The VTN airport also being situated in Bâtiments Jeunes, it was naturally considered to be the replacement to Parrain Vérité as the govermental land of Verre Tranquille. However, the youth have opposed to that idea, hoping to avoid the influx of elderly politicians in the urban city, and it brought neighboring Ville de Bénéfice back to the top choice.


Many of the rich citizens of Verre Tranquille think of Tendākisu as a fantastic vacation destination and an even better place to live in. Tendākisu is an extremely clean island with a fascinating cultural background, therefore high costs for anything. However, the locals are starting to get annoyed with the disrespect from some of the tourists, and Tendākisu is currently going through a govermental crisis.


The island of life and passion, home of the famous Hula dance (Yes, Soleado is, not Hawaii!) and the very famous Kamin festival of latin music. The residents of Soleado sure know how to have fun, but not really how to reach an economical balance. They have become so desperate lately the prices have come down by alot and young residents of Verre Tranquille are taking advantage of that.

Kein Schlaf

The huge forest in Kein Schlaf is the main tourist destination and campers from all over the Verre Tranquille alliance travel there. It has just recently joined the alliance thanks to the economical uprising caused by the recent tourism popularity of camping. Another feature of Kein Schlaf is the private university, KSPU, filled with the brightest of students from the Verre Tranquille alliance.

  • Parrain Vérité is my underdog, probably the reason I like it most. That and the fact it was the first neighborhood I had in mind. I try not to have favorites but I think it's impossible.

  • I doubt guessing which neighborhood is which subhood isn't too hard (Suburban, Downtown, College and the three vacation hoods)

  • I used google translate for the neighborhood names, so if you understand any of those languages try to ignore it.

  • I'm still in the building process though I have almost all sim profiles ready. I counted and I have 137 not including custom playable townies (Including the vacation townies) which I will create. No maxis townies for me.

  • Speaking of which, barely maxis anything for me. I have already finished how I will do all of those things by myself. I have a custom college (Shopping subhood with adult sims), custom school, custom vacation neighborhoods (Shopping subhood), some  of the careers are custom (As in, not going to work with a carpool and disapearing), more and more.

  • I do need your tips though, neighborhood creators, about the play schedule and ROS's. I am using Carla's ROS file but I am planning on doing more ROS's per round (Though my rounds will be one year each). How many should I do? And also, about play schedule, how do I organize it with ROS's? Should I just do it randomly? Remember I have 137 sims!

  • Another thing I need help with is the posting. All my pictures look good before I post them but when I do they end up very small and it is strange, since my laptop has a wide screen.

  • First pictures of Parrain Vérité should be up in a week or less. I only have to create some more farm houses and place in the residents. I will probably also do a mini-update about one sim, Silana Petit. She moved in with her brother and his family one year ago (It is currently 1981) and she still doesn't feel at home in a rural land, being a city girl. I wrote it yesterday since I had trouble sleeping but I need to take pictures in-game.


  1. I may can help with the pic posting issue. Some templates on blogger will make your pics look smaller. I only use templates that have stretch in the name so my pictures can be larger. I resize all of my pics to 500x500 in Photoshop.

  2. Oh, thanks. I didn't know a template can change the size of the pictures on blogspot. I'll need to check out how this works.

  3. You've done a wonderful job writing the descriptions for each hood. It all sounds so interesting.

  4. I wrote them a long time ago, all except Kein Schlaf. I changed minor details for most of them but I redid Étude Dur entirely.

  5. This all sounds fantastic! I can't wait to read more about your hood.

    You're starting out with a lot more Sims than I have now! Wow!

    I do 6 ROS per round and I can't personally imagine doing more. With the number of Sims I have (112 once these two babies are born), that seems to give me a good enough mix of things to write about through the round. But that's a personal choice.

    Each ROS is assigned randomly to a specific Sim, with Hook's Randomiser. If you have a look at Laura's ROS file at Lakeside Heights, you might be able to get a good idea of how I do this. Hers is a complete set-up, whereas mine is just a list of scenarios. Mine also doesn't include Laura's scenarios, even though I do use those in my own game.

  6. This isn't my first custom neighborhood, and I've kind of had enough of the whole "Start with a few single sims" thing. It's still probably the best way to create a cohesive neighborhood but I wanted to try something new, so I'm pretending some of them were born here, some moved in lately and some have already lived here for a while though not all their lives.

    I have had Hook's Randomizer for a while now and have tried using it in previous neighborhoods but I didn't find the best way for it to work for me. I think I'll try with maybe 10 ROS's now and see how it works.