Saturday, 24 July 2010

More Parrain Vérité pictures

I finished creating Parrain Vérité and my next project would be Étude Dur. The first mini-update on Silana Petit would also be next and I could maybe start writing posts about the rules, which are mostly Sullivan Sims' rules changed slightly to fit my needs.
If you are wondering, none of the houses would stay empty. I am creating custom townies who would actually all be like Playable NPC's from blogs like Sullivan, Wellington, Lakeside Heights and else, but there would be no page for them and most of them would be farmers, at least those in Parrain Vérité. This will mean I would have like 300 sims but my computer is quite strong.

So, the pictures...

P.S. if you're wondering what are the brown stuff in the rural area pictures these are the greenhouses. You can't see the roof from too far.

click on pictures to view them


  1. Stunning! Your Sims will certainly have a gorgeous backdrop for you to tell their stories!

  2. Thanks! I added more trees than I planned to because this map doesn't allow placement of lots in too many places but now I like it a lot.

  3. Beautiful town!! I agree it's going to create the perfect backdrop to your pictures. The terrain is really amazing, I like the little corner off to the back.

  4. Thank you Maisie, the map is from here:

    It's the Channelwood. All the rest of the maps are also from there. My SimCity 4 doesn't work anymore so I couldn't create a new map for myself.