Thursday, 12 August 2010

Adelise's Life

Adelise was born very kind. She would always put other people before herself, even as a young child. She had a happy childhood, playing soccer through all of it, hoping to become a superstar soccer player one day. As she entered high school the other students would mock her because of her weight, calling her names, teasing her, which has made her very insecure. Unfortunately, she just gained and gained weight, not because she would eat over her needs, or because she wouldn’t work out. It was just her mother’s genes. Soon, she could no longer play soccer. Adelise found another passion in history, eventually studying the subject in college. She had learning difficulties, making it harder for her to have good grades, but she finished college with a degree in history and a course of education, becoming a teacher. After she graduated, she met Rey Lefèvre, an archaeologist, who was to become her husband after a few years. Both Rey and Adelise wanted children, and their son Telfor and daughter Gisella were soon born. 13 years into their marriage, disaster struck. Rey went somewhere in South America with his team, and never came back. He and his team members weren’t found. Adelise, Telfor and Gisella were broken, and Adelise turned over-protective of her children since then. The family’s neighbors showed no support, and in fact would gossip about what happened, so Adelise took her kids and moved to Parrain Vérité, starting a new life as a single mother.

  • My game is back thanks to LaurelCrossing ! I continued working on Étude Dur for a bit, finished one dorm and one house. I didn't take any pictures though, I will when the neighborhood is closer to be finished.
  • Adelise is my favorite character. I don't have any pictures of her but she is just so cute! I might keep on doing those kinds of character biographies until I'm done with building the neighborhoods, for my more interesting characters though, of course.
  • I also worked on a career today, my version of a journalist career. I could have finished 3 careers a day if they wouldn't have chance cards! It just takes too long...


  1. Adelise sounds like a really interesting character - she certainly has suffered her fair share of heartache and tragedy. I can't wait to learn more about her. :)

  2. If I'd have made the story start when Adelise was born, you would have had an update about her pretty much every season, but unfortunately (Or fortunately, for her), she has a pretty regular life now, so not more than the usual post per round for her, probably.