Monday, 16 August 2010

Building VT: Ville de Bénéfice Part 1

Just one picture this time. I'm hoping to finish in 3 days, since It's more work than Étude Dur and would probably take longer. Knowing me, I'll probably add more trees but this time, the trees are the only neighborhood decorations I'll use.

I have a question, to all you more experienced in blogspot than I am. How do you create posts that would not be posted on your followers' dashboards? Next week I'll start creating the profiles and I don't want 137 posts spamming your dashboards!


  1. Ah, that's easy. You just backdate the posts. If you look, you'll see that all of my profiles are dated December '06 but I didn't actually create the blog until November '08. :)

  2. This part of the hood is looking good. I can't wait to see it full of buildings!

    I work the same as Carla, all of my profiles or from 2006 or even 2005. It took me a long time to figure this one out though :)

  3. Carla & Tanja, thank you both for the tip, but it didn't seem to work for me with the Petit family. I did schedule them for July 2006 and they still appeared on the dashboard.