Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Lefèvres

I moved the Lefèvre family to their new home and I took a few pictures of them to show you how they looked like. I liked Telfor and Adelise's older versions better but I think Adelise looks cute now as well and Telfor will grow into his looks. Gisella just turned out so cute! Both kids have their father's eyes which I bet is difficult for Adelise...

I was messing a bit with heights. I chose their final settings and they are all presented in the last picture. Adelise is 0.9 (She's too thin for what I wanted her to be though), Telfor is 1.12 at age 11 and Gisella is 1.0 at age 9. Telfor will grow up to be normal and tall like his father and Gisella would grow up to be short and chubby like her mother. I wanted to make her chubby already but it looks so weird on kids!


  1. They're cute! I have a thing for short Sims. The shortest I've gone is 0.92, for Kendal and Cara.

  2. Carla, Adelise and Gisella are very cute! I think I actually like this version of Adelise better because on the previous one she'd look depressed all the time and in this one she looks great when she's happy! I have a problem with Telfor's face for some reason but he'll become a teen this round anyway and as a teen he looks better.

    I planned Adelise to be 0.92 as well but after I saw how she looks with it 0.9 is better for her. Come to think about it, she's a lot like your Kendal. They have the same hair, they're both short, both widows, both high school teachers, both s4. (I think your Kendal is s4?)