Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Verre Tranquille Government

Verre Tranquille Board Members:
Kerman Durand, Verre Tranquille Priminister
Dionte Roux, Parrain Vérité Mayor
Daiki Inoue, Ville de Bénéfice Mayor
Quennel Vincent, Bâtiments Jeunes Mayor

Other Members:
Alita David, Minister of Education
Karl Moreau, Minister of Health & Social Services
Amou Michel, Minister of Rescue Services
Antoine Roux, Minister of Law & Justice
Onfroi Bonnet, Minister of Public Services
Gace Perrot, Minister of International Connections
Jose Silva, Minister of Culture

Assisting Members:
Beaufort Perrot, Advisory Architect
Ansel Martin, Governmental Banker
Comfort Bernard, Legal Secretary

Alita David, Minister of Education
Adelise Lefèvre, High School Principal
Gertrude Wagner, High School Principal
Piera Roux, Primary School Principal
Halette Simon, Primary School Principal
Jeena David, Head of Advanced Courses
Narcisse Garcia, Head of Higher Education

Health & Social Services
Karl Moreau, Minister of Health & Social Services
Ryuu Inoue, Head of Medical Research
Aron Garcia, Head of Social Services
Alexandre Simon, Head of Medical Treatments

Rescue Services
Amou Michel, Minister of Rescue Services
Ranger Durand, Head of Military
Bruno Wagner, Head of Fire Department
Franky Moreau, Head of Police Department

Law & Justice Department
Antoine Roux, Minister of Law & Justice
Loyal Vincent, Judge
Comfort Bernard, Legal Secretary

Public Services Department
Onfroi Bonnet, Minister of Public Services
Marguerite Perrot, Head of Transportation
Marisol Silva, Head of Environment

  •  I had nothing else to show you as I was very busy in the past few days, but I organized the government and I figured, why not?
  •  None of the roles in the departments page are really important but if I have any annoucments I'd like appropriate sims to present them. The culture department is just the minister and the mayors and the international connections department is just the minister and the priminister so no more information on them...
  •  I have the taxes page halfway finished and it will also show how much money each department gets. It really sucks how I have 4 cities (I don't include the vacation hoods in the taxes since there are no playables in there) to split all the money between. I did a test on how much money should I be getting for every tax or service (Just a quick POPULATION x something or HOUSEHOLDS x something calculation) and there just isn't enough! And I thought I taxed too high...
  • No mayor for Etude Dur since the population is too small. They share with Parrain Vérité as they are both the smallest neighborhoods (In terms of population).
  • Also, spoiler, two sims of one of the departments are divorced. Totally by accident though! 


  1. Wow! I keep saying I'm going to get on this whole government thing, but so far I really only have a governor and an education minister! LOL!

    This is all very well thought out and organised. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for your hood and story.

  2. Seriously cool. I only have a governor, he does everything lol. I can't wait to see how this all works with your hood, it'd be great to use for sims that want to be in politics, but can't be governor.

  3. Carla, most of the roles don't have much to do actually. Especially the minister of international connections. Gace actually barely just fits the job, but he's just the sim I'll use to keep all the funds for when I "buy" another neighborhood.

    Maisie, I'm very excited about playing with the government! Actually, there are way more roles than people wanting to be in politics, and some of those that don't get the higher roles. Life...