Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Problems & a download

Well, I haven't been posting for the past week because my game wouldn't start up. Yesterday I installed my game on another computer (Didn't uninstall from here though) and it works fine, loading time is even better, but the graphics aren't all that. I transferred all my downloads there and they work fine, so I should probably also transfer my neighborhood there. My only problem, other than the graphics, is that I have the freetime expansion pack installed on this computer but I don't actually have it. I borrowed it from a friend to have it here but she's currently abroad, and won't be back until next tuesday. So no Verre Tranquille for the next week at least.

But, do expect updates. I have decided to finally learn how to make custom careers and I will start creating some for my game, mainly ones specially made for my sims.

I have already created my first one today, and a very simple one. No career reward because I don't use it anyway and no chance cards because these careers are pretty much non-progressive. It's a career made for my university students, as most of my degrees require a certain time of working as an intern or an assistant while still studying for the degree. It has 10 levels completely unrelated to each other and requires maximum skills to get promoted even past level 1 because you're not supposed to get promoted. I just cheat my students to the correct level.

If you're intrested, these are the levels and wages:

Student-Teacher - 400 $

Medical Intern - 800 $

Law Firm Intern - 600 $

Scientist's Assistant 
- 800 $

Engineer's Assistant - 800 $

Architect's Assistant - 800 $

Political Intern - 300 $

Business Owner's Assistant - 200 $

Studio Intern - 200 $

Sociologist's Assistant - 200 $

As I said, all of them require full skills for a promotion so you will mostly never get promoted, no chance cards, no career reward. All work hours are 3pm-7pm since my students finish school at 14:30.

I'm not sure why would you want to download it as I'm pretty sure all of you are playing with maxis college, but perhaps you'd want it for your master students to give them more time to study? Anyway, you can get it here.


  1. I actually really like this and am downloading it. I can see it being quite useful, and I like that you can't promote.

    When I have a sim who doesn't have the education to promote, I end up removing a skill point so they don't get promoted. But that has it's drawbacks too, sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Maise, I'm glad you like it! You actually got me thinking. I guess I could also use it for my older adults who are just supposed to be assistants forever.

  3. Try deleting the groups.cache and accessories.cache files in the EA Games\The Sims 2 folder. The game will regenerate them. It's best to delete them periodically, or if you especially downloading a whole rack of CC at one time.

  4. LaurelCrossing, thank you so much! My game finally works, yay!