Sunday, 29 August 2010

Comforting Comfort

So I was setting up the Bernard and Vincent families and I had to get Comfort Bernard and Loyal Vincent
break up. This whole thing made me so sad! Also, Comfort has 0 outgoing points and 10 nice points (As does Loyal on the latter) so I'd never in my life imagine she would be the one breaking up with Loyal. I think of the scene more like both of them discussing it and deciding it's best for them to divorce.

Comfort and Loyal have a 22 year old daughter together, Selene, who also has 10 nice points. She tried to comfort Comfort (I just love that name so much!) but was rejected! Ouch!

Much better... I only noticed they have identical facial features after I finished in CAS, but I like how they look so I don't mind too much.

After I made them greet their neighbors (Playable neighbors, may I add... Such a pain to do in apartments but worth it for the aging and possibilities of families living there) Comfort went to hide in a corner and cry. In the story, they've been divorced ever since Selene was a little girl, and since Comfort is so socially awkward and Loyal is so unlucky none of them are currently in a relationship (Loyal was for 3 years with Kaeda Inoue but broke up right before the beginning of the story).

Anyway, Selene is currently living with her mother, but she has rooms in both her parents' houses. She's still a college student in her 3rd year but I want to create all the students before I move her into the dorm.

If you're wondering, Comfort works as a legal secretary for the government and Loyal is the head judge of Verre Tranquille. Comfort wishes to be an artist, she loves making curtains and she's very interested in the paranormal. Loyal is happy with his job but not happy with all the attention he gets, having 2 outgoing points only. Selene is studying psychology but secretly wishes to become a criminal. I don't remember why I chose that back when I wrote her profile but now I'm thinking of it as a silly wish, not something she'd actually do. She has 10 nice points, as I said, and is very childish, so it seems to fit better as the silly wish.

Also, guess who came to visit?

I love Adelise so much! Just noticed she didn't have her original height here, I should change those in SimPE. She left right after I noticed her though, lives too far away from the city!

  •   This post was just so I'd start updating about every day, and to introduce the Vincent-Bernard's. I won't do this for all the families, and they weren't such favorites of mine before Comfort started crying so much on the few minutes I spent there. My favorite family, together with the Lefèvre's, is the Perrot family. Auriville, a fashion designer, and LeVergne, a famous journalist had 6 children, 5 of them married, 4 with children. I already created Auriville and LaVergne. I can't wait to show you them! 
  • I am having a problem with Comfort's lot. I can't go on free camera mode (Tab) inside the apartment, it shows the apartment as if it was a neighbor's house. In case I failed to explain this, the way you see the neighboring lots as blurry decorations, like in the last picture, the building behind Adelise, so whenever I go on free camera mode inside the apartment it shows it that way. It works fine on other lots, do any of you know a possible solution to this?


  1. Sorry, I have no clue on your free mode issue, I've never heard of anything like that.

    Comfort has an adorable face, even when she's rejecting her daughter's hug (aww!), glad she finally did accept. Comfort looks so sad.

  2. Maisie, it's fine, I already fixed it! More like it fixed itself but it works now, anyway.

    Comfort is a beautiful sim indeed. I try to make most of my sims average in the looks department (Not to pretty or too ugly) but in the Sims 2 most sims who aren't pretty just look weird, so I'd rather make them look good.

    Loyal and Comfort have been divorced for a very long time, and most of their traits clashed and they only had 1 bolt, so really, she shouldn't be too upset story-wise. If she'll keep on being sad all the time when I write her update it'll be because she is very lonely, not because of the divorce.

  3. Comfort reminds me of my Aphrodite but it might just be the hair!

    Poor Comfort! When my nice Sims have to break up and I'm imagining an amicable break-up, I often pick the break up option and then close my eyes! LOL.

  4. Carla, she reminded me of your Aphrodite as well when I first put her in game, because of the hair, the light skin and the small eyes, but now not so much. I see Comfort as more artistic and less athletic and Aphrodite as the opposite, but I may not remember Aphrodite so well. I can remember all the characters (Including Angelica and Leticia Draper) and what are the living characters like (As in, their noticeable traits) but not what the dead characters are like.

    That's a good idea. Whoever chose this animation probably thought 'Well, when would they divorce? When someone cheated or insulted the other sim enough to lower the relationship by much. Lets make it a big, dramatic, 'Just leave!' animation.'