Monday, 18 April 2011

pay attention

February 1981

Kerman Durand is 60, Evony Durand is 30 (Jasmin Vincent is 34)

Evony's life hasn't been filled with excitements lately. Usually she's home alone with the butler so she invites a friend over but they don't really have anything to do. Jasmin has been visiting her often lately but even though they used to be good friends all Jasmin ever does is complain and Evony is getting sick of it.

Evony and Kerman's butler Friedric is trying his hardest for the Priminster and his wife but Evony isn't at all pleased with his work. Friedric has been trying not to snap at her every time she says "Missed a spot" when she's following him around.

She dyed her hair blonde a few weeks ago and she's always changing her style. She thinks she's still hot even though she's 30 now and she likes staring at herself all day.

Kerman also thinks she's very hot and whenever he's not working he likes to spend his time with her.

Evony managed to convince her husband she deserves to have a child. His other son is 37 but he clearly isn't Evony's, as she's 7 years younger. Kerman already has a 2 year old granddaughter but Evony doesn't have any children of her own and she'd like at least one, maybe two.

Usually Evony isn't a fan of waiting in line to the doctor but it's not like she has anything else to do. She still scowls when she sees all the middle class people walking in and out. Luckily she saw her sister-in-law Arleta Perrot and decided to sit next to her. Arleta isn't the biggest fan of Evony though and tries to ignore her without being rude.

She was going to the doctor because she took a home pregnancy test and the result was positive and Evony just wants it to be confirmed. Dr. Fras is happy to announce to Evony that she will have a baby in September and Evony is excited. If only Kerman was there...

  • Short update is short but if you follow me on twitter you probably know how much I slacked on this one. Their house is so big and I couldn't bother decorating!
  • Evony is indeed pregnant and will have her baby in September this year, as Dr. Fras said.
  • Dr. Emilio Fras and the butler Friedric Reemt are both playable NPCs.
  • Kerman is the priminister so all he does is work work work and Evony is always bored. They aren't very fun to play, Evony just watches TV, plays chess and "primps" all day.
  • Next update is the Dupont update, extremely excited about this one! :)


  1. Whenever a household is slow to play, a baby is sure to add some chaos! That's great that they got pregnant on the first try, hopefully Evony doesn't stress with Kerman working all the time, and having to raise the baby a lot on her own.

  2. Congratulations on the baby! I hope Kerman is ready to raise a baby again at his age. ;)

  3. Maisie, yep, I'm glad that next round they'll have a baby so Evony will actually have anything to do during the day but primp herself. Knowing her though she'll probably let the butler do most of the work and watch TV all day instead :P

    Shana, I don't think he'll do much raising, I mean he is the priminister! My main concern is that the baby will be an uncle/aunt to someone 3 years older! I believe he loves Evony enough for ignoring that weirdness :)

  4. A dad again at 60! That's got to be a shock to the system, even if he isn't planning on being too involved. Really, I'm more interested to see Evony as a mother! She doesn't seem like she'll be your average mother, that's for sure. ;)

  5. Carla, true, I think he'll feel like it's his grandchild, not his child!

    I don't really see Evony dropping her kid at the kindergarten every day but even if it doesn't show here she has a fair amount of nice points so I'm sure she'll love her child just as much, even if the butler will do the diapers :P

  6. Oh, great story! People like Evony always make me laughing. I wonder what kind of mother she'll be!

  7. Sandy, thanks! I love sims like Evony who autonomously primp all the time :D