Monday, 25 April 2011

1981 elections

March 1981

It's the beginning of March and everyone in Verre Tranquille know what that means - Elections.

A televised event is thrown at the Town Hall of Parrain Verite.

'Hello everybody, if you may not know me, I am the current priminister of Verre Tranquille.' Kerman Durand opens up the day with a boring speech about how important democracy is. 'Now I will present to you the host of the day, Amou Michel, current minister of Rescue Services and chief of the local police.'

'The past 4 years in Verre Tranquille have been busy.' Amou gives the audience another boring speech. 'First up are the contestants to mayor of Parrain Verite and Etude Dur'.

Mayor of Parrain Verite and Etude Dur:

Dionte Roux, 57
Current mayor of Parrain Verite and Etude Dur
Achieved: New parks spread around Parrain Verite, new affordable apartment living streets
Goals: Renovation of Kindergarten, demolishing the fishing hole and creating middle class houses instead

Jose Silva, 51
Current minister of culture
Goals: Building tourist destinations in Etude Dur forests, building boardwalk around Parrain Verite

Narcisse Garcia, 43
Current head of higher education
Goals: Building law faculty in EDU, demolish part of the forest for more dorms

Mayor of Ville de Benefice:

Daiki Inoue, 71
Current mayor of Ville de Benefice
Achieved: New clinic, new mega mall
Goals: Build a huge town bank, add more restaurants and bars

Karl Moreau, 65
Current chief of staff at hospital
Goals: Build 2 new retirement homes, move orphanage to VdB

Alita David, 69
Current minister of education
Goals: Finish building elementary school, build new small houses next to the bridge

Mayor of Batiments Jeunes:

Quennel Vincent, 51
Current mayor of Batiments Jeunes
Achieved: New apartment block, finish subway
Goals: More beach homes, renovate high school

Kerman Durand, 60
Current priminister of Verre Tranquille
Goals: More bus stations, many new parks

Antoine Roux, 57
Current minister of law
Goals: Renovate courthouse, lower rent

'And now, for the nominees to priminister of Verre Tranquille'.

Kerman Durand, 60
Current priminister of Verre Tranquille
Achieved: Student exchange program with Kein Schlaf University, 22.3% increase in tourism profits
Goals: Homeless sims housing (townies), new technologies for the army

Quennel Vincent, 51
Current mayor of Batiments Jeunes
Goals: Higher scholarships, more tax credits (reductions)

 Dionte Roux, 57
Current mayor of Parrain Verite and Etude Dur
Goals: Private school for the gifted program, build a highway from Batiments Jeunes to Ville de Benefice

And sims are off to vote...

IMPORTANT: Imagine you are a citizen of VT with the same status you are in real life. What goals would you like to be fulfilled? Vote by that. That's why I'm glad you don't know the characters yet :)


  1. Just to add to my note, say you're 25, out of college, have a steady job and no partner. Why would you care about the renovation of a kindergarten?

    But if you you have two kids in the ages of 3 and 5 clearly you'd care about that more than about more restaurants and bars.

  2. You have quite a few eligible sims! Christian Brown will stay the mayor of LaQuest Beach until he has someone who can run against him! I like the idea of voting as I would if I lived there.

  3. A lot of good candidates! It's a hard decision, but I hope the winners will do their best to improve lives in VT. :)

  4. Mizzgin03, I actually have more than I used. I had 4 for VdB and 2 for Batiments Jeunes (Call me immature but I can't spell the initials of that town) so I decided since all of Coco's and Antoine's kids are moved out they can move to a penthouse in Batiments Jeunes and he'll apply there to get everything equal. I had 5 sims eligible for Priminister so I chose the 3 with the most friends and highest charisma skill.

    I had to remind myself to write that in the end a million times because I didn't want anyone to vote without seeing this. It's kind of like you're representing a resident in VT which is what I like about it :D

    Shana, I will only fulfill the goals of what sims will be chosen because 8 goals is enough for me and I want it to be realistic - No government can fulfill all the goals! - so hopefully everyone will make the best choices :)

  5. Waiting to see who wins! :D
    Thanks for following me, I'm definitely following back

  6. I voted. It was a hard decision, because allt of the candidates had some really worthwhile goals!

  7. Diana, thanks! I'm definitely waiting to see who wins as well :)

    Carla, they're all goals I'll fulfill someday, but for the next few years I will only fulfill the goals of the winners.

  8. Voted! You have so many eligible people to run for your offices, consider me a little jealous! Love the election!

  9. I'm sorry it took me so long to finally comment, I've read your posts though, but I'm behind on almost every blog I follow!
    Anyway, you have some interesting candidates! I will reread your post and place my vote!

  10. Maisie, I kind of based VT to be very interested in Politics in the beginning, I don't know why, but as a result of that I have many politicians.

    Tanja, it's fine, as long as you read my posts :)

    Yes, some of them are very interesting indeed :D

  11. Whoa, I didn't realize how behind I was on your posts. I'm now caught up and I'm loving it.

  12. LaurelCrossing, and I didn't realize how behind I was on responding to comments, 1 week late...

    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for catching up :D

  13. That's a good way to have an election, with us voters not knowing anything about the candidates other than what the general public would know in-story. Am voting...

  14. Blackcat, yeah, shame I won't have it in later elections, but never mind :)

    Thanks for voting!