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1981 Play Schedule

Birthdays - Zara Perrot turns 2, Cherise and Marcel Roux turn 6, Carola Moreau turns 8, Norris Perrot turns 15, Rey Garcia turns 17, Evony Durand turns 30, Bruno Wagner turns 41, Dion Blanc turns 43, Dilan Garcia turns 46, Ansel Martin turns 46, Loyal Vincent turns 50, Coco Roux turns 57, Daiki Inoue turns 71.
Bernard - Comfort Bernard, Selene Bernard.
Roux 2 - Antoine Roux, Coco Roux, Drago Roux.
Laurent - Platt Laurent, Elishia Laurent, Ninon Laurent, Paien Laurent.
Primary School Updates
Moreau Campus - Devin Laurent, Carel Robert, Faun Laurent, Veryl Dupont.

Birthdays - Rina Inoue enters 2nd trimester, Lyle Simon turns 3, Esperanza Silva turns 15, Andy David turns 18 (Adult), Lyra Garcia turns 18 (Adult), Desiree Fournier turns 19, Selene Bernard turns 23, Gertrude Wagner turns 40, Celine Bonnet turns 42, Mavise Dupont turns 53, Fletcher Girard turns 56.
Durand - Kerman Durand, Evony Durand.
Dupont 2 - Ninette Dupont.
Martin - Ansel Martin, Gala Martin, Cheri Martin, Genivee Martin.
Lefèvre - Adelise Lef
èvre, Telfor Lefèvre, Gisella Lefèvre.

Birthdays - Baby girl Simon arrives, Fournier-Martin twins arrive, Letje Moreau turns 11, Geri Bonnet turns 13, Ninon and Paien Laurent turn 15, Rafael Silva turns 18 (Adult), Leal David turns 23, Halette Simon turns 32, Jasmin Vincent turns 35, Beaufort Perrot turns 43, Archaimbaud Dupont turns 55.
High School Updates
Vincent 2 - Quennel Vincent, Jasmin Vincent, Mignon Vincent.
Robert - Mayne Robert, Carel Robert.
Silva - Jose Silva, Marisol Silva, Rafael Silva, Esperanza Silva, Alonzo Silva, Jade Silva.

AprilBirthdays - Fanetta Durand turns 3, Amy Roux turns 4 (Child), Shou Inoue turns 9, Ricard Inoue turns 11, Rust David turns 13, Derrell Bonnet turns 15, Drago Roux turns 19, Hedvige Girard turns 20, Eliot Martin turns 20, Devin Laurent turns 21, Onfroi Bonnet turns 40, Gala Martin turns 44.

Spring Break - Fifi Michel, Selene Bernard, Leal David, Brigitte Fournier, Belle Roux, Aron Garcia, Devin Laurent, Faun Laurent.
Fournier - Adrienne Fournier, Dix Fournier.
Petit - Lionel Petit, Louella Petit, Quinton Petit, Simone Petit.

Kindergarten Updates

Birthdays - Rina Inoue enters 3rd trimester, Favor David turns 10, Heidi and Helga Wagner turn 11, Alonzo Silva 13, Brigitte and Pippin Fournier turn 23, Ninette Dupont turns 25, Rina Inoue turns 34, Ryuu Inoue turns 41, Quennel Vincent turns 52, Dumont Michel turns 90.
Bonnet  - Celine Bonnet, Onfroi Bonnet, Derrell Bonnet, Geri Bonnet, Madolen Bonnet.
David 2 - Garan David, Jeena David, Andy David, Rust David, Favor David.

Michel - Dumont Michel, Amou Michel, Miette Michel.Roux 3 - Augustin Roux, Piera Roux, Cherise Roux, Marcel Roux, Amy Roux.
Laurent 2 - Constance Laurent, Chaunte Laurent.

Birthdays - Hamilton Martin turns 3, Rudolf Wagner turns 9, Genivee Martin turns 13, Emanuele Blanc turns 14, Faun Laurent turns 20, Gace Perrot and Felicia Inoue turn 36, Garan David turns 40, Arleta Perrot turns 41, Louisa Moreau turns 62, Aoi Inoue turns 69.
Blanc - Dion Blanc, Rique Blanc, Emanuele Blanc, Gustav Blanc, Mai Blanc.Morel - Denver Morel.
Inoue - Daiki Inoue, Aoi Inoue, Ryuu Inoue, Lili Inoue, Daiki Inoue III, Shou Inoue, Miki Inoue, Naoto Inoue.
Perrot-Roux - Legget Perrot, Farbice Roux.
Fournier 2 - Brigitte Fournier, Pippin Fournier.

Birthdays - Miki Inoue turns 7, Quinton Petit turns 8, Rique Blan turns 15, Reymond Perrot turns 18 (Adult), Alexandre Simon turns 31, Louella Petit turns 35, Johnson Durand turns 35, Franky Moreau turns 39,  Comfort Bernard turns 45, Jose Silva turns 52, Mayhew David turns 71.
Simon - Halette Simon, Alexandre Simon, Lyle Simon, baby Simon.
Wagner - Bruno Wagner, Gertrude Wagner, Heidi Wagner, Helga Wagner, Rudolf Wagner, Winifred Wagner.
Inoue 3 - Kaeda Inoue, Rina Inoue.

Summer Camp - Dion Blanc, Yvet Roux, Cheri Martin, Esperanza Silva, Rique Blanc, Emanuele Blanc, Alonzo Silva, Telfor Lefevre, Letje Moreau, Ricard Inoue, Favor David, Julius Perrot, Jade Silva, Gisella Lefevre, Gustav Blanc, Quinton Petit, Mai Blanc, Simone Petit.
Girard 2 - Saber Girard.

Birthdays - Baby Inoue born, Naoto Inoue turns 2, Winifred Wagner turns 4 (Child), Lourdes Moreau turns 5, Aron Garcia turns 21, Saber Girard turns 26, Adelise Lefevre turns 36, Lili Inoue turns 39, Platt Laurent turns 46, Antoine and Dinote Roux turn 58, Kerman Durand turns 61, LaVergne Perrot turns 68.
Girard 3 - Hedvige Girard.Garcia - Dilan Garcia, Narcisse Garcia, Aron Garcia, Lyra Garcia, Rey Garcia.
Perrot - Auriville Perrot, LaVergne Perrot.
David - Mayhew David, Alita David.

Birthdays - Chaunte Laurent turns 3, Mai Blanc turns 7, Julius Perrot turns 10, Telfor Lefevre turns 12 (Teen), Lance Moreau turns 13, Veryl Dupont turns 20, Dru Michel turns 21, Belle Roux turns 21, Piera Roux turns 29, Silana Petit turns 32, Ranger Durand turns 38, Takahiro Inoue turns 38, Yolanda Moreau turns 40, Miette Michel turns 44, Elishia Laurent turns 46, Adrienne Fournier turns 63, Auriville Perrot turns 72.
Durand Campus - Leal David, Selene Bernard, Lyra Garcia.
Petit 2 - Silana Petit.
Dupont - Archaimbaud Dupont, Mavise Dupont.
Michel-Laurent - Dru Michel, Devin Laurent.

Birthdays - Mignon Vincent turns 4 (Child), Simone Petit turns 7, Jade Silva turns 10, Fifi Michel turns 24, Marguerite Perrot turns 36, Kaeda Inoue turns 36, Narcisse Garcia turns 44, Karl Moreau turns 66.
Roux - Jeannine Roux, Dionte Roux, Yvet Roux.
Moreau - Karl Moreau, Louisa Moreau.
Perrot 2 - Beaufort Perrot, Arleta Perrot, Norris Perrot, Julius Perrot.
Vincent - Loyal Vincent.
High School Updates

NovemberBirthdays - Gisella Lefevre turns 10, Denver Morel turns 21, Yvet Roux turns 24, Jeena David turns 39, Constance Laurent turns 41, Marie Girard turns 53, Amou Michel turns 59.
Girard - Fletcher Girard, Marie Girard.
Martin 2 - Eliot Martin, Desiree Fournier, Hamilton Martin, Martin-Fournier twins.
Perrot 3 - Gace Perrot, Marguerite Perrot, Zara Perrot.
Perrot Campus - Rafael Silva, Reymond Perrot.

Birthdays - Fitz Moreau turns 4 (Child), Gustav Blanc turns 9, Daiki Inoue III turns 13, Cheri Martin turns 17, Carel Robert turns 21, Fabrice Roux turns 28, Legget Perrot turns 32, Lionel Petit turns 36, Mayne Robert turns 44, Marisol Silva turns 50, Dix Fournier turns 51.Primary School Updates
Moreau 2 - Yolanda Moreau, Franky Moreau,
Inoue 2 - Takahiro Inoue, Felicia Inoue, Ricard Inoue.
Durand 2  - Ranger Durand, Johnson Durand, Fanetta Durand.

New Year's Eve Updates - Vincent 2, Michel-Laurent, Petit, Fournier.

  • Just the updated play schedule for 1981. I removed the mini updates so I'll move ahead faster, I just want to get the first round over with and then take it seriously and slowly. If I'll need a mini update I'll add it, but it won't be officially scheduled.
  • I'll try to post the Roux update later :)

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