Monday, 25 April 2011

march 1981 Birthdays

March 1981

Ninette Dupont has just entered her 2nd trimester and she's starting to show. She figured out she can't know who the baby daddy is now so she'll just have to focus on what's best for the baby. She's still house surfing and she thinks she found  a nice 2 bedroom apartment a few streets from her.

Evony Durand is also in her 2nd trimester now. Her husband, Kerman Durand the priminister, is trying to free up some of his time and give his pregnant wife massages. To Evony's disappointment she can't wear her usual choice of high heels anymore so she switched to the shorter alternative.

On a bright tuesday indicating the beginning of the spring Desiree Fournier and Eliot Martin arrive at the Pain Du Foie Help Center. Desiree is all smiles and sunshines but Eliot is a little scared.

Alexandre Simon helps Desiree birth her twins. He's still pretty new to working alone but he's trying his best. Eliot, Desiree's boyfriend, seems to be in more pain than her.

A few hours later they have Colette and Philip Martin in their hands. That's when Desiree gets scared. Now, they're going to have to go home and show Desiree's parents and their son their new twins, but once her parents leave, they'll have 3 kids under only the two of them. Both twins have their grandpa Dix's bright skin, Colette's being a bit tanner, and their father's brown hair. Colette has her dad's eyes while Philip has his grandpa Dix's light blue eyes.

In 2 PM Halette Simon arrives at the hospital with her mother. She's trying to smile and hope this birth will be better than Lyle's. All Mavise could think is 'Oh boy, here we go again...'.

And truly, the birth is tough but luckily she has her husband Alexandre there to assist her as a doctor. Alexandre is also nervous but he's seen many dads there and those that acted as if they were nervous just stressed out the mothers so he tried to act calm, for Halette.

A few hours later Halette and little baby girl Aimee Simon get home. Halette can't believe how cute her little daughter is, she looks so much like her father. Aimee has her dad's eyes and skintone while she has her grandpa Archie's brown hair.

To celebrate Rafael Silva's 18th birthday a bunch of his friends and him go to the beach in Ville de Benefice. Rafael wonders where the hell did Andy get that huge pineapple but the booze tastes great so he doesn't mind.

Things heat up between Lyra and Rafael. 'Oh my god, he's kissing me!' Lyra thinks. 'Maybe it's the eyeliner?'.

more birthdays:

  • Letje Moreau turns 11
  • Geri Bonnet turns 13
  • Ninon and Paien Laurent turns 15
  • Leal David turns 23
  • Halette Simon turns 32
  • Jasmin Vincent turns 35
  • Beaufort Perrot turns 43
  • Archaimbaud 'Archie' Dupont turns 55


Umm... Evony, I don't think you should drink that right now? More weirdness was when Reymond's entire family came to the beach but I didn't take any pictures. If it was real life they would have found him underage drinking (He's the only one of the seniors who's still 17 and in VT drinking is aloud from age 18 like Israel). Oh, and Andy is sparkling because I had Lyra scope the room after Rafael and her kissed and I found out they had 3 bolts without romance bonuses (99 attraction if I remember correctly, I have it written somewhere). Between her and Andy there's only two bolts even though he has a romance bonus.


  • Can you tell what's Ninette's favorite color? I don't assign them but I automatically did that for Ninette :P
  • I'm never happy with Evony's look. I seriously don't know what to give her!
  • I have no idea why the twins have brighter skintones than their parents. Can this be passed with grandparents? I think it's a clash of a few geneticized skintones :(
  • Ninette and Desiree and Eliot will move to the same apartment lot. Ninette is living in a 1 bedroom apartment now which is smaller than Evony and Kerman's bedroom and Desiree and Eliot are living in a 2 bedroom house with one of the bedrooms being 3x3, so, yeah... :P
  • First babies in VT, yeah! I'm so excited about this! Disappointed about all of them having brown hair though... I was really hoping Dix will pass blonde hair to some of his grandchildren. Well, at least Philip has his light blue eyes!
  • Can you tell the hospital's not finished? I have 3 of them, a small clinic (Durand & Dupont updates), a small hospital (this update), and a big hospital which I am really not done with! At least I made the poses work, despite some shadow weirdness with Halette. I used a 90 degree OMSP.
  • And poll results: 3 of you voted Rina will have a boy, 2 of you voted Rina will have a girl and 3 of you voted she will have twins. And the winner is.... Whoever voted she'll have a boy! I decide/roll for genders before the actual birth because if I am correct IRL you find that out in 4 and a half months?


  1. Yay for all the babies! Looking forward to seeing them age up!

    That's really interesting that you roll for the genders. I've never done that, but sometimes I'd like to play that a family knows what they are having. I may take this idea from you if you don't mind, I'd like to at least play it out once that a couple knows ahead of time.

    The hospital is looking good, mine isn't completely finished and it's been in my game two years this August! *Wow, I should get cracking!*

    If you have genetic skintones that are inbetween ranges than a baby could have one of those. Plus if they have a relative who is lighter skintone, it could also have that range. Do you use the "simdna" cheat to see what their skintone ranges and hair colors are? The only photos I have are here on my blog, you can only see eye color, but you can see their actual eye color and the gene they also carry.

    Lastly, if you have a genetic skintone that is ranged wrong, than they can get that too, and you can change it in SimPE once they are toddlers (editing babies can mess them up with simpe) Did it once and the baby just floated everywhere like it was walking, had the wants of an adult, and could do what adults do.

  2. Maisie, I'm looking forward to seeing them age up as well! With the Martin twins I want each to look like on parent because both their parents look very different from their siblings and for Aimee I want her to look like Alexandre because Lyle already kind of looks like Halette :)

    I'm only just testing it but it's good for me. For some couples I don't roll though because they seem like the parents that won't want to know but most people do and I'd like to decorate the nurseries before they babies arrive. For Desiree and Eliot I only knew they will have one boy and I didn't know about the other.

    Wow, thanks for the tip! I've always been scared to use the Sim DNA cheat but I'll try it once I fire up the game. So if Desiree's siblings and father have an s2 skintone her kids could have that? I'm hoping. I know one of Jessi's skintones that I'm using is a bit funky with the genetics but Desiree, Eliot or any of their relatives don't have it.

    Off to experiment! :P

  3. Yay for new babies! What's your population now? Your hood seems like it's huge already!

    Rolling for genders, eh? That is interesting. Before I switched to my current aging system, I sometimes used to write my updates as if the couple knew they were having a boy or a girl. I could do that then, because I'd often play through a whole pregnancy in one go. I don't think I'd have the patience to keep rerolling though! I remember I had some kind of game crash after Caitlin was born and I had to keep rerolling until they had a girl again. Took soooo long!

  4. Carla, new babies are always fun! Too bad I screwed them up and made them toddlers :\ My population is 141 playable sims at the moment and together with the NPPCs I have it's 200 and something. My genders are pretty equal: 69 male, 72 female but in different ages it isn't. Hopefully everyone will be fine, I prefer playable pairings than playable-townie pairings.

    I think I will be able to stand it on single births, but if it's twins I think I'll only roll gender for one of the babies like I did with Colette and Philip. I only knew there will be one boy.

    And wow, you made me think of what was if Caitlin was a boy or blonde or had different genetics! She has one of my favorite faces from Sullivan!

  5. Actually, original Caitlin did have blonde hair and she was very fair like Victoria! I still have a picture of her framed in their house where she has blonde hair - it's tiny enough that you can't see that she's blonde unless you're looking for it. I didn't like the family portrait I got of them with redhead Caitlin, so I used the original. ;)

  6. Carla, actually I do remember original Caitlin had blonde hair, I just can't imagine her like that anymore! :P