Tuesday, 12 April 2011

time for school

January 1981

Staff: Principal Halette Simon is 31, Mavise Dupont is 52, Piera Roux is 28, Carel Robert is 20.
Students: Daiki Inoue III is 12, Telfor Lefevre is 11, Letje Moreau is 10, Ricard Inoue is 10, Heidi and Helga Wagner are 10, Gisella Lefevre is 9, Jade Silva is 9, Julius Perrot is 9, Favor David is 9, Gustav Blanc is 8, Shou Inoue is 8, Rudolf Wagner is 8, Carola Moreau is 8, Quinton Petit is 7, Mai Blanc is 6, Miki Inoue is 6.

It's a brand new day in school and as soon as the bell rings all the students enter their classes and pick a seat. Ricard Inoue isn't that happy about the seating arrangement in his class. He wants to sit next to Letje Moreau, not alone in the table next to Heidi and Helga Wagner, who talk all the time and interrupt his studies! Besides, Daiki is like, really tall and he's hiding him one third of the board.

The middle class is much smaller and Carel is really not pleased with that. It's a friday and he's in charge of Halette Simon's class, probably the most talkative class in school. You'd think with such a small class the kids would understand he can notice whenever they're talking to the person nesxt to them, but they don't. Carel just can't wait until the new school in Ville de Benefice is finished. Just one more year to survive, he keeps telling himself.

The youngest kids are pretty easy, but Mavise is feeling like she's too old to teach such young kids. Every year she asks to teach the oldest class but Piera Roux always takes over them!

Speaking of Piera, she's teaching her class history. Most of her students aren't from Parrain Verite, but she finds it the most interesting part of Verre Tranquille. Telfor is from Parrain Verite but he's only moved there a year ago.

Carel is more than happy to take his class to the library for 1st period. He's teaching them research, but Gisella doesn't seem too interested. She'd much rather look for funny words in the dictionary.

Favor, Julius and Shou are the lucky kids who caught the three only computers in the library. Carel really can't wait for a new school!

Back to Piera's class, Telfor is presenting his project about the 1789 war. He's one of the best students in Piera's class, but organization isn't really his thing. When he starts the lecture he's a little shy.

Miki Inoue is anything but shy, really. Whenever Mavise asks the students to read their homework Miki is always the first to raise her hand, together with Gustav. Miki is baffled, however, when she finds out she made a mistake, and Gustav just finds it funny.

Fortunately, Quinton is willing to answer and he is correct. Miki is arguing with Gustav so none of the students can hear the answer, and Mavise is considering changing their seats.

Telfor is really getting into the lecture, and Piera couldn't be more proud of him. Letje asks Piera quietly if she can present in two weeks instead of one, because she forgot to finish her project and she doesn't have enough time. Luckily for her, she has Piera's permission, and Daiki will present next week instead of her.

After the kids are done researching Carel takes them to the gym. Another disappointment for him, all the equipment the gym has is a few ropes and balls. Jade is pretty athletic, and is more than happy to show Carel her handstand. Careful that skirt won't fall Jade!

Mavise is anxious to finish the day and she takes her class to the cafeteria first. It's meat sandwiches today, and vegetarian Mavise is even angrier. She just can't wait to go home, grade their tests, and just rest for the weekend.

Letje Moreau isn't vegetarian, but she's still not happy about the sandwiches. She'd much rather eat pancakes right now, so she decided to mope about it next to the principal. The rest of the students are pretty happy though, so Halette just won't tell the cook anything.


Isn't she just cute? I wanted to use that for the update because she looks like she's leaning on the window but I couldn't find anything for her to be upset about. She's a pretty positive kid :)


  • I'm not that happy with this update but it's my first time playing a school like that so I didn't take many pictures.
  • The school objects didn't work for me so I just let them skill in the library. The main purpose for this update was for the kids to meet each other though.
  • Carel is a student teacher who's going to teach the primary school when he graduates.
  • January is Halette's last month as a teacher/principal until her baby will be 1 which will be in March 1982. I'm not sure who will replace her for now. Mavise will probably be the principal and Carel might take over Halette's class completely.
  • Mavise was a little mopey so I wrote that in. I don't imagine her like that though, so let's just say it was a bad day for her?
  • Next update will be the last for January! I'm so excited! Lyra Garcia and Andy David will turn 18 in February but I'll probably have to wait for tomorrow to age them up because I actually have a story to tell in the Moreau Campus update.


  1. awh what a cute school!
    i really enjoyed reading this :)

  2. Driftwood, the school may look cute but it's really unplayable. 6 kids and a teacher in a 4x5 classroom is anything but ideal. I hope I'll finish the interior of the Ville de Benefice school which is much bigger before next time I have to play the school.

    I'm glad you enjoyed and thanks for reading :)

  3. I always enjoy reading school updates! I love the colors you used in your school. The kids are all cute and seem to keep their teachers very busy!

  4. Shana, thanks! I did the colors according to what I remember from my primary school. I can remember clearly that every classroom had all it's walls but one white and the color of the other wall would be different for every classroom.

    School updates are always some of the most fun to read :)

    Thanks for reading :)

  5. Your school looks great! how interesting that it's based off your primary school, mine did not have lots of fun colors, it was a plaster that was painted a tan/cream color. Super imaginative there!

    That's nice for Halette to have a year off with her maternity leave.

  6. Maisie, thanks! I went to a private school so maybe that's it?

    Halette won't have her year off in a perfect timing though. The school in VdB will open when she's still off and when she'll return she'll still be a principle! What's good about it is that she'll return only a few months before her son Lyle will start kindergarten :)

  7. I'm still figuring out schools, too - I only started playing them since I've been blogging, and I only downloaded the simlogical school stuff a couple of weeks ago - love the way I can get everyone there easily, but none of my kids will stay at their desks! Still, as you say, great way for them to get to know each other.

    I love the last picture!

  8. Blackcat, I'll have to experiment with the school in a test hood probably. I was having a pretty hard time doing this update!

    Thanks! Favor is cute, isn't she? :)

  9. What a cute school you have, Flit! I loved what you did with it, it's adorable to see the teachers with the kids like that! :)

  10. Sandy, thanks! I like it when the students aren't there but it's really too small. Hopefully the next one will also be good :)