Thursday, 14 April 2011

february 1981 birthdays

Rina Inoue is feeling bigger than ever now that she's entered her 2nd trimester. Her baby bump is still very tiny  but she already feels the heavy weight on her feet. Her boyfriend Fabrice Roux is being pretty responsible right now and he even asked her to move in with him once the baby's born. Rina doesn't quite trust him yet but she told him she'll consider.

Lyra Garcia is celebrating her birthday in February and she's turning 18 this year.

As a teenager Lyra didn't groom herself at all, but she's decided that maybe now that she's 18 she'll style her hair and put on some eyeliner. It feels weird right now but she's hoping she'll get used to it. Lyra will probably be going to Etude Dur to study Chemistry in September but she got accepted to Physics and Mechanic Engineering as well and she still might go for the other options.

To celebrate her birthday Lyra went fishing in Parrain Verite. She asked her friend Rafael Silva if he'd like to come but he was still grounded for being caught smoking so she had to fish alone.

Ninette Dupont joined her at some point but they didn't talk at all.

Also turning 18 is Andy David from Lyra's class.

He decided to shave his head to celebrate him turning to an adult. He didn't like his previous hairstyle that much anyway. Off his chosen studies Andy only got accepted to Business Management but he's not even sure he'd like to go to college or just join the career force. For now he'll have to finish his last year in high school anyway so he'll have some time to think.

His girlfriend Cheri Martin is digging the new look, and she decided she won't let him be 18 and still a virgin. Little did she know...

other birthdays:
  • Lyle Simon is 3.
  • Esperanza Silva is 15.
  • Desiree Fournier is 19.
  • Selene Bernard is 23.
  • Gertrude Wagner is 40.
  • Celine Bonnet is 42.
  • Mavise Dupont is 53.
  • Fletcher Girard is 56.
  • So I decided to make this update short because taking pictures of everyone who had a birthday took too long. I still have the pictures of some of them so I might share but they're not that special. I think this format is better, putting the important birthdays with pictures and the rest below.
  • I'll still make everyone's profiles! I won't do it now because I should go to sleep but I'll start tomorrow.
  • Andy probably won't go to college this year. If I remember correctly he wants to be a rockstar or have a business and that doesn't require a degree so he might never go!
  • I don't think Rina has much of a choice but live with Fabrice because the apartment she shares with her sister is tiny and she doesn't have enough money to move out on her own. Her dad has enough money but they don't have a good relationship at all so she can't ask him for any but Fabrice has a great relationship with his parents and a lot of money himself and after all she'd probably want what's best for her child.
  • I can't wait to tell Ninette's story! Only the Durand update after this which is the priminister's house  and then it's Ninette's!
  • I usually won't show you pictures of them as the previous life stage in the update but you barely know Andy and have only seen one picture of Lyra so I'd like you to know how they looked as teens to compare.
  • I added a poll on the right just to try it. I'll appreciate it if you vote :) It's a fun little poll just guessing if Rina will have a girl, boy or twins.


  1. I like Andy's new look! I hardly ever shave my Sims' heads but it's very becoming on Andy. Lyra is looking pretty as well.

    I'm going to guess boy and girl for Rina's twins. You can usually count out any guess I make as being completely wrong but we'll see!

  2. Carla, his old hairstyle made him look pretty childish as an adult and I figured that's definitely not how he'd want to look! I really like how Lyra looks. Her nose is terrible on men but it actually fits her.

    I already know what Rina will have but she still doesn't so I won't tell you if you're right or wrong. I only have 1 set of boy-girl twins in my game now but Desiree Fournier is giving birth to twins in March and they might be boy-girl as well :)

  3. I like Lyra and Andy's new looks! Looking forward to finding out what Rina will have! :)

  4. Lyra looks gorgeous as young adult! I love the first picture with Rina and her tiny baby bump! That's so cute!

  5. Shana, thanks! You'll probably have to wait a lot though, she'll give birth in August 1981 and I know I update frequently now but it's back to uni for me in the 27th and I'll update maximum twice a weekend...

    Sandy, thanks! She's not a young adult though, I don't use maxis college but fake my own, so all the college kids, her and Andy are adults right now.

    I love baby bumps in the sims 2. I can't believe maxis ruined that with their fugly maternity clothes!

  6. I like Andy's look too! I have a few shaved heads in my game, I really should use them! Andy looks great! Though he's not the nicest guy around is he? Poor Cheri!

    Lyra is really pretty, and it looks like she had a nice birthday celebration.

    Rina is adorable! I really like her hair, looking forward to seeing what she has!

  7. Maisie, I don't use shaved heads often either, but it really fits him. And Andy is definitely not the nicest guy around. I just hope Cheri won't regret it!

    Well I think she would have liked to celebrate with her friends but she really enjoys fishing so I'm sure she had fun anyway :)

    I like Rina's hair too, I have a friend with hair exactly like that :P