Sunday, 10 April 2011

not big

January 1981

Antoine Roux is 57, Coco Roux is 57, Drago Roux is 18 (Jeannine Roux is 61, Belle Roux is 20)

Drago spends most of his days exercising or watching TV. He didn't get accepted to college and he's supposed to be studying but he just can't bother. He already got an athletic scholarship so no matter how much more he'll exercise it won't help him, only with girls which he doesn't seem to get right now.

His father used to pester him about working hard to get into college and be a successful man like him but nowadays he's just too busy trying to get elected to mayor.

If Drago is really bored he'll call up Brigitte Fournier, Leal David's girlfriend, sometimes his, and sometimes who-knows-who's. She's too easy though, not any challenge. Brigitte told him Leal heard all the rumors about her getting around and he's really mad at her right now, but everyone knows she owns Leal. He even introduced her to his family, so he can't care that much.

One of Drago's friends introduced him to this girl, Hedvige Girard, from the city and Drago set up a date with her. 15 minutes after Drago arrived and she's still not there. She better be some hot chick, he thinks.

Then, she finally arrives and she actually seems pretty cool. She kind of looks like she's 15 and she's no where near Brigitte but he thinks she's worth it.

The date goes on pretty well and the food's nice. Hedvige must know she's dating a Roux with the dish she ordered, but Drago doesn't mind. It's not like it's his money, it's his daddy's. Drago is disappointed though when she makes it clear she's not coming home with him.

Coco just recently had her 57th birthday and she's afraid no plastic surgery will erase the wrinkles she has now without killing her. Her latest nose job isn't the best either. And what did her hair stylist think with her latest haircut? She finds out she truly is aging.

Not enough time for that though, Coco is hosting a small party for all her high society friends, kind of like a political fundraiser. Evony Durand was more than happy to accept the invite, as she gets to show off her brand new blonde hair.

Coco lets all the future socialites come as well. There aren't many kid stuff to do in the Roux house, so she asked her niece in law Piera bring her activity table.

Coco's daughter, Belle, comes over near the end and leaves her aunt Jeannine just enough time to ask her about her studies. Belle isn't in the mood though, and like all spoilt Roux kids, puts on a sour face, nods and shuts up.


Halette Simon has been in every lot in Verre Tranquille so far. Seriously, she was on every date I took Drago and some random girl, every residential lot I moved a family into, even at the art faculty in Etude Dur (WTF?). Here she shows another aspect of her creepiness. Well, at least he'll be legal in July... And she's totally barking at the wrong tree. He's completely, 100% gay.


  • Title is Not Big by Lily Allen.
  • Short update, but I'm not at all used to updating, so it'll take me some time. Aren't everyone's first updates kind of lame?
  • Brigitte is what you would call the town bike. She has chemistry with everyone and did it with 5 guys when I still haven't played her household. I still her like her though, it just adds more character to her :)
  • I'm not so sure about Drago and Hedvige. They have 2 bolts but they had a great date without even doing anything that special...
  • Also, I don't think Drago will be going to college next year either. He just doesn't really have career ambitions and doesn't care about studying at all.
  • As for moving out, not until the next round. He's comfy in his parents' big house and Coco really likes him around.
  • Speaking of Coco, I can't find her or Belle appropriate hairstyles! Nothing fits them and it's so frustrating. I think I'll let Belle stay that way for now but I don't like any hairstyle on Coco.
  • I think I'm settled on the borders now. I tried white but it looks terrible.
  • Last but not least, thank you readers! 3 comments might be a bit for you but I'm so happy to have that amount :P


  1. Lol @ Halette Simon on every lot! I once had a sim who was always one of the first customers at new owned businesses - I imagined her as the town gossip, always trying to be the first with the news :)

  2. Blackcat, I don't think she's a gossip type but maybe a bit nosy? I still love her :)