Tuesday, 12 April 2011


January 1981

Danae Bos is 20, Devin Laurent is 20, Carel Robert is 20, Faun Laurent is 19, Veryl Dupont is 19

(Selene Bernard is 22, Leal David is 22, Brigitte and Pippin Fournier are 22, Aron Garcia is 20, Belle Roux is 20)

Faun got a new roommate in September and though things have been a bit awkward in the beginning she's finding a true friend in her now.

Everyone get along pretty well with her. She's a Computer Science student so she's on the Engineering faculty with Faun who studies Architecture so the dorm arrangement works pretty well for them.

Faun is usually a slacker so no one expected she'd take on a difficult field of study like Architecture. So far her grades have been great and she's working harder than ever to stay on her 4.0 GPA.

After Faun finished her term paper she threw a party for her and her dorm mates. They can't afford much so the only entertainment was music and pizza.

She decided to use that time to talk to Brigitte Fournier. She didn't want to invite her because she had to invite Leal David who's one of her best friends and he broke up with her recently but Brigitte lives with her brother Pippin and everyone else wanted to invite him and not inviting her was just rude.

Brigitte got up before Faun could start talking and proved everyone Leal definitely isn't the one to blame on their break up by hitting on Aron Garcia.

Brigitte seemed nervous when she saw Leal was also there. Faun was so scared they'd start fighting but luckily they avoided each other the whole time.

Speaking of Leal, he decided to make out with Selene Bernard as soon as Brigitte left the room. They've been best friends since kindergarten so hopefully this is more than a rebound for Leal.

Selene decided to be the queen of the party and made out with Pippin Fournier in the bathroom right after.

Faun just stayed quiet for the whole party. She's been so stressed out about school lately and just letting it go for one night would be the best for her.

Outside, Danae decided she needs a boyfriend and tried flirting with Aron Garcia. She doesn't find him that attractive but a girl's got needs.

Leal tried to get it on again with Selene and she was kind of confused, not being used to the attention of two guys at the same time.

She likes them both so she doesn't want to turn anyone down but she doesn't want to have them both at the same time either.

Faun just went to Devin and Carel's room to get more beer an she sees something she's not at all happy to see. Leal may have broken up with Brigitte but Devin and Belle Roux are still together.

Right after seeing Faun Brigitte takes her dress and shoes and leaves their dorm but Devin just puts on his clothes while Faun screams. Belle is a friend of hers and Faun doesn't think she deserves that from Devin. She tells him either he tells Belle or she does.

Devin tells her she's not the boss of him and he can do whatever he wants so Faun tells him he has one day to tell Belle what he did.

Ignoring their screams Carel and Danae find comfort in each other. They're both still virgins and just can't wait to lose it, but they won't do it in a party. They'll just let their relationship move slowly.

Before the morning comes an exhausted Carel suddenly remembers he has a report to hand in the next day. Or that day actually, as it was 4 AM.

And in last night's clothes Devin calls up Belle and wastes no time in breaking up with her. He's scared of her breaking up with him if he tells her he cheats so he beats her to it.

He doesn't want to break up with her but he has to. It's not Faun's fault. It's the alcohol's fault and Brigitte's fault, but kind of his fault as well.

She really wanted them to last forever. Belle truly loved Devin, and doesn't really understand why he broke up with her. She'll just have to go back to her dorm and cry a bit.


I didn't say anything about Veryl because the whole time he was either studying or hating on Selene. I'm not sure why, maybe because she cheated on Pippin who's his friend?

I really liked this picture as well. I experimented heavily with the dance kiss option, trying different angles and placing them in different ways.


  • Title is D.J. by David Bowie.
  • Let's start with the simple part. Everyone studied at least a bit and the midterms will be in February so I'll make a mini update telling you their grades.
  • Danae is a playable NPC and won't be played after she graduates unless she rooms with someone else or stays with Carel or whatever.
  • On Danae and Carel, it wasn't really planned but they're both each other's highest, which doesn't say much because Danae has negative chemistry with almost everyone and Carel doesn't have chemistry with anyone but Selene and Danae.
  • Speaking of Selene, I really don't imagine her as the two timing type but I just don't know who she'll choose. She has higher chemistry for Pippin and rolls more wants for him but she has a better relationship with Leal and they've been best friends forever and I don't want to break that up. She spent the whole party between the two and they didn't even care because neither is going steady with her. The last part of the party was also spent with some poking done by Veryl as shown on the extras though.
  • Brigitte is officially a homewrecker, Belle had engagement wants. This was all an ROS though, the Dumped! one which Belle rolled. I couldn't find any reason for Devin to break up with her, seeing they really like each other. So I tried, and hopefully it's for the best that they break up. Before I played Devin I imagined him as a bad boy but he actually studied a lot and didn't do much at the party.
  • On a happier note, yay I'm done with January! 1/12 of the round! I'm currently doing the birthday post but I won't post it until tomorrow. The only two actual age ups are Lyra Garcia and Andy David who are turning 18.
  • There are three dorms in Etude Dur, the Moreau Campus which is the cheap one (This one), the Durand Campus which is the medium one (Leal and Selene live there), and the expensive one (Belle and Fifi live there). All those kids are from some of the poorest families in VT who still got to go to college. To those of you thinking about why Selene (Daughter of Comfort) isn't in the poor one, remember her dad Loyal is a judge and can definitely afford to get her in a nice dorm. Students can also live in apartments, which is what Brigitte and Pippin are doing, or just wherever in Etude Dur, which is what Aron is doing (His parents live in Etude Dur).
  • Oh, and I forgot to add this yesterday but Veryl also had an ROS to meet someone new so I let him meet Aron & Danae.


  1. Lots of hormones going crazy at your college! ;) Poor Belle, I'm sure the break up is even harder if she doesn't understand why Devin broke up with her.

  2. Shana, hehe, that's what I thought when I played them!

    I try to tell myself he wasn't good enough for her anyway but I just don't feel like that anymore, even though he only has 1 nice point. I just feel bad for the both of them right now... :(

  3. I really like that last shot of Selene, beautifully captured!

    I wondered about the dumping, now I see it's ROS to blame. I hope it works out well for the two, could always give it a whirl again in the future if nothing else works out.

    Yikes on Devin, glad that Faun told him to man up, and didn't just ignore what she witnessed.

  4. Maisie, I actually thought of making that picture the blog banner but text didn't look good on it so I left it as is :)

    I don't think they'll get together again, at least not soon. I have someone I'd like to try with Belle ;)

    Faun isn't afraid of him, she lived with him for 19 years! Faun is one of those popularity sims who has an endless stock of friends and feels close to each one of them and would protect them so I didn't think she'd let Belle stay with someone who cheated on her.