Monday, 11 April 2011


January 1981

Platt Laurent is 46, Elishia Laurent is 46, Ninon and Paien Laurent are 14 (Andy David is 17, Derrell Bonnet is 14)

Paien can't believe it but she's actually having a more difficult time studying now. Well, it's not really school but she's trying to get as many scholarships for when she'll go to college. Right now she's trying to get a charisma scholarship, which is really the opposite of anything that fits her. She usually comes off as a little rude geeky girl and that's no good first impression.

Her sister, Ninon, usually makes a good first impression but when you get to know her she's not all that. Paien can't understand why she does the things she does. She's been hanging around with Andy David from their school, who is turning 18 in a couple of weeks.

She doesn't even want to know what they're doing when he comes over. Paien wanted to tell Ninon's boyfriend or Andy's girlfriend about them for a while now but she just can't bother. She'll let her sister deal with her problems on her own.

As far as Paien knows Ninon's boyfriend, Derrell Bonnet from their class, doesn't have a clue. He still comes around very often and he and Ninon lock themselves up in her room but Paien doesn't think they did it. As much as Derrell annoys her he doesn't really seem like the type.

And their parents just don't care. Paien heard her mom tell her dad she wants another kid a few weeks ago and she's praying their wishes won't come true. It's enough that they can't handle the 4 kids they have now!

For example, a few days ago Paien went to the kitchen to make lunch and all she could find was canned food and drinks. She didn't even bother asking her mom why that was.

All her dad does every day is go to his bar or play on his guitar like some 15 year old. Derrell always compliments him and Paien isn't sure if he's trying to kiss up to him, make fun of him or actually thinks that is good music.

Paien knows she can play much better than him. If not she wouldn't have gotten that musician scholarship. But, well, Paien is pretty much good at everything.

Paien probably should be thankful that her parents are still very much in love, but she's actually only thankful for how they leave her alone most of the time.

They go on dates pretty often lately which is great because she's tired of them acting all lovey dovey around the house, interfering her studies.

She doesn't have a mirror in her room so she has to go to theirs or Ninon's to practice her charisma. She's getting better now but she's still not perfect, and of course, she has to be perfect.

One time she caught Ninon stealing a cooking book from her room. Paien is glad that her sister finally cares about studies of any sort but if she actually wants the cooking scholarship she'll have to work pretty hard.


That's Karl Moreau, chief of staff. I LOL'd so hard!

Marisol Silva is the new mrs. Crumplebottom. She's such a prude, which actually fits what I first thought of her. She also did this to Drago and some of his ladies.


  • Title is Special by Garbage. It came up on my shuffle and I think it really fits what Paien thinks of her family.
  • If you couldn't tell, Paien is a knowledge sim who keeps on rolling wants for scholarships. She's obsessed.
  • On the other hand the rest of the family roll wants for trips, swimming, dates and making out. Elishia did roll two wants for her daughters this round though, when she was on her date with Platt. She wanted to call both of them, so I let her call them, and no more family wants were rolled by anyone.
  • Except for (You guessed it) a baby want which I probably won't fulfill. They ACR so much that it might just happen without me doing anything.
  • Paien has 5 scholarships right now and I'll let her have as many as she'd like. You have to have 9 to get a full funding in VT. Ninon only has 1 but I'm not sure if she'll even want to go....


  1. "Rude, geeky girl" fits Paien perfectly lol. She's very condescending to the rest of the family, isn't she :). Although I would freak out if my parents were being all lovey dovey around me too! It'll be interesting to see how she acts at Uni. Ninon is headed for trouble with her two guys. Cheating rarely works out for very long! I smell drama!

  2. Mizzgin03, the girls actually have another brother and sister, Devin and Faun, who are also somewhat similar to their parents. Devin is pretty much a male version of Ninon, he has his girlfriend Belle Roux and like pretty much everyone, he has a friends-with-benefits relationship with Brigitte Fournier. Faun is their other sister and she's very laid back, but the least extreme of all family members.

    Elishia and Platt love each other a lot but they don't seem to give a damn about any of their children. So the only time their daughters see them is on their way to woohoo :P

    Paien still has a few years until she'll go to university but I imagine her as one of those girls that chose their major when they were 8 years old :P

    Poor thing will have to go to a dorm when she goes to university. They are one of the poorest families. They have around 400 $ I think... Which shows how much laziness hurts you - Platt's sister Constance Laurent is one of the richest sims in VT even though they both came from the same house!

  3. I think Elishia and Platt should start paying attention to the kids they have before they think about having more! And keep the cabinets stocked with decent food too.

    I can understand why Paien thinks that way about her parents. I wouldn't want to see mine all lovey-dovey all the time either, lol!

    Ha, I love the expression on Marisol's face in the last picture!

  4. Shana, I couldn't agree with you any more, but I'll leave it to ACR to decide if they will have their last baby. I still haven't calculated Elishia's ideal family size but if I'm not mistaken Platt's is 3 so they probably won't have another kid anyway.

    Well, it's not that she sees them that often but when she does all they do is flirt, kiss and woohoo.

    Marisol is shaping up to be one of my favorites. I really can't wait to do her update, I have something special planned for her.

  5. Paien is a bit of a black sheep in this family, I guess. I actually like her though, even though she may come off a little condescending at times.

    Ninon is the polar opposite of her sister, eh? I hope they both get into university. Hijinx will ensue, I'm sure. ;)

  6. Carla, I agree. I think you can't really blame her with the parents she has.

    Well, I wouldn't call them polar opposites. They're both very rude and I think they have some sort of a connection through their older sister Faun and making fun of their parents :)

    They're also not that popular in school. As I said in the post, Ninon makes a good first impression but once you get to know her, not so much. Ninon has a negative realtionship with most of the sims she knows, all but Derrell, Andy, Faun and her mother.

    Paien is one scholarship short of getting to medicine, which I might choose for her if she doesn't choose herself. So far she doesn't seem to care about one subject, but about them all, and her LTW is kid related so I don't know anything but her hobby which is science. Medicine is the subject that it's most hard to get into in VT so right now she's just aiming for full funding. Ninon though... I'll be happy if she just gets into college :)

  7. "Paien probably should be thankful that her parents are still very much in love, but she's actually only thankful for how they leave her alone most of the time." - I love this line!! So typical teenager. :) She does come off as kind of condescending to her family, but that's a teenage thing too... looking forward to more of these guys in the future.

  8. Blackcat, I agree, that's a typical teenager right there :)

    I'm not sure if they'll make many appearences until next round but we will see the girls at the high school update.