Monday, 25 April 2011

kind of okay

February 1981 narrated by Adelise

Adelise Lefevre is 35, Telfor Lefevre is 11, Gisella Lefevre is 9 (Gertrude Wagner is 40, Heidi Wagner is 10, Jade Silva is 9)

After a while in Parrain Verite I'm already finding new friends. I may be a little shy but I never mind some company, it helps me keep my mind off of certain things.

My best friend so far is Gertrude Wagner, the principal of the high school I work at. Her oldest daughters are in the same class as Telfor and her son is in the same class as Gisella, so sometimes she brings over her kids while we drink coffee and chat.

Out of everyone she brings Telfor likes it best when she brings Heidi. He tells me they have a lot in common. They both love sports and they like the same TV shows. Next year Telfor will be in the class I teach in high school and a year after that the Wagner twins will so it's nice to know my students before I start teaching them and they all hate me.

Telfor has been really helpful to me since his father died. He tidies up his room all by himself and sometimes he helps me make dinner, things that Gisella never does.

I don't blame Gisella though. I think she took Rey's death the hardest as well as the move to Parrain Verite but people were extremely unsupportive to us back in Fredic and I think the move was essential to us. She went to a therapist for a while and she advised us to let Gisella keep her own private diary where she will be able to write how she feels every day. She still does and I think it's really good for her.

Her best friend so far is Jade Silva and they're truly inseparable. 3 or 4 days a week Jade comes back from school with Gisella and the other days Gisella comes back with Jade. The Silva's live really close to us in the mansion area which makes me really uncomfortable whenever I drop off Gisella. I hope Jade's mother is nice to Gisella because I remember when I tried to enter the book club she was really mean to me.

Something that has helped me get over Rey's death is trying to exercise again. I used to play soccer but I had to stop because of my weight problems. I only do basic aerobics now.

There's nothing I love more than hearing about my children and I was shocked when Halette, Gisella's teacher, told me she got an A+ in nearly every subject this semester. Needless to say we celebrated that night.


Umm... Yeah... Not so sure what went there :P

  • I switched to JPGs because of more space. I like PNGs better but I don't mind that much...
  • The kids' looks changed through the update. I really didn't like how Telfor looked before and now I'm actually pleased, and I decided to make Gisella curly haired. I assigned a few sims as curly haired and if I'll feel like it it'll pass in the genetics, like heights. I don't have any way to assign it, just decide who it looks good on.
  • Next update is March birthdays, 2 new births and 1 adult age up, I'm so excited! I already have it ready so I will post in a few minutes.


  1. I like the curly hair on Gisella, she looks so cute! And congrats to her on such good grades. :)

    lol at that last picture. Nice outfit! ;)

  2. Shana, I really liked her previous hairstyle on her as well but the curly hairstyle is also very cute on her. The previous hairstyle looks good on pretty much all sims anyway :P

    I changed his outwear to a normal grey coat now. I really don't know why I put that outfit on him in CAS?

  3. That's great news for Gisella, and agree with Shana, cute hair! The girls are adorable jumping on the bed, it's one of my favorite animations.

    Maybe Telfor and Heidi will date a little when they are in highschool.

  4. Maisie I forgot to write it down on my reply to Shana's comment but I imagine she had a difficult time in school after her father died so I decided to write in her good grades as a sign that she's getting better :)

    Oh, I took like 20 pictures of them jumping on the bed! I never knew two kids can jump on the same single bed, I just tried it because Gisella had the option after Jade already started.

    Who knows? I'm sure their mothers will be happier with that than them dating kids they don't know :P

  5. Oh, I thought Gisella's hair changed! Glad I wasn't going crazy!

    Adelise reminds me a lot of my Kendal. Shy, widowed with two children, same hairstyle. I have a soft spot for her already. ;)

  6. Carla, yeah, the hair looks pretty different. I changed her outfit as well in the diary picture so I wondered if I should have put the jumping on bed picture before.

    I remember when we talked about it in a previous Lefevre post. Maybe it was my subconscious mind when I thought about her? She was one of the first sims I thought of and the first I created so I wanted to play her forever now!